C-Span Blocks My Twitter Account ~really?

I could understand if my opinions are vulgar or pejorative, hateful and such but they’re not — they’re strictly political or informational or humorous. They may be obnoxious to some (should I even care??) but, I mean, it just seems odd that general public opinions can be so-easily iggy’d by C-Span.

Not just my comments. C-Span has blocked my account, entirely. Who makes that decision? Brian Lamb? An intern? A particular morning moderator?

Is it proper for a quasi-public entity to randomly block the general public from comment space? C-Span doesn’t directly receive government funds but is funded by the cable TV industry which receives tax breaks and such.

Proper, legal or not, I hereby protest anyway. C-Span, NPR, PBS, and a few others I’ve noticed of late, may have a right to censor certain words — but ignoring or summarily dismissing the public’s thoughts begins the end of Freedom. “Ignorance is the greatest evil.” ~Nikola Tesla

Anyway, it’s not like I don’t know the fundamentals of public commenting, either. I don’t curse (much); I don’t link nekked girls, and my comments stay on-topic. I have a journalism bachelor’s, am old now but once worked with small dailies and a medium metro, AP, award-winning stories, all that; I even tested the state’s reporter shield law in court way back and set judicial precedent.

So why has C-Span blocked my comment account? Will this (otherwise wonderful) public affairs channel kindly provide a list of other Twitter accounts it has blocked? Can you provide a copy of your written standards, if any, for blocking accounts on Twitter — and Facebook?

Or perhaps there is a more innocuous, or technical reason? Perhaps I’m not blocked at all, and in that case I give a curt, Emily Litella: “Never Mind!” (: