Bitcoin and Gold — Stores of Value and Safe Havens

I think most understand that traditional fiat currency has its limitations as a store of value. Keeping your money in SGD, USD or RM opens one up to two main threats:

  1. Dangerous government policies such as currency devaluations or quantitative easing
  2. General inflationary pressures that accrue over time

Where a government embarks on a policy to deliberately devalue its currency (link) or a quantitative easing measure to spur its economy, the value and purchasing power of the fiat currency in question naturally lessens. This is because such methods essentially mean…

The big question is whether cryptocurrency ETFs will find their way onto regulated exchanges. The past few weeks have provided fuel for cautious optimism in the crypto space, with news of Bitwise filing an application with the US SEC to launch a crypto ETF. This comes hot on the heels of the SEC also receiving positive feedback on a proposed rule change that would allow the debut of a Bitcoin ETF (link).

With that in mind, we felt it made sense to clarify the different types of ETFs being discussed in the crypto space right now:

1. Bitcoin ETFs

This is an ETF…

Thomas Oh

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