My investment in Mendel Health

We’re really excited to be supporting Karim and the team at The genesis of Mendel came from Karim’s own struggles as a physician to keep up with the latest research and treatments for his patients. His desire to do more for his patients ultimately started him down the path of figuring out the right technology to extend the capabilities of physicians. Mendel is the result of that effort.

Today, Karim and his team are applying new machine learning techniques to process several challenging datasets — a patient’s medical records & genomic data and the corpus of 24M+ unstructured publications for research/trials/treatments. Via Mendel’s product, physicians will soon have additional insights available to them as they make decisions on the best way to deliver care to their patients.

This approach fits squarely within my vertical data company investment thesis, in that they are leveraging proprietary data, cheap compute resources, and machine learning to solve a problem in a vertical where the founder has deep domain expertise. They join fellow portfolio companies, Ovia Health, and Impact Health in that they are applying this model to fix how we deliver health care.

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