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Most people find the Designer to be a rather friendly looking fellow. Usually cheerful, wearing his/her stylish poplin shirts, gently distracted by creative fantasies, mumbling fondly about Apple products and always up for a good doodling. They are mostly harmless and have a tendency to live in their little world reading Medium posts and leaving humans alone. Even so, their most admirable trait is that they are ambitious and always need to create better things for other beings. A trait, that has changed the way we look at them. But how do they live? What do they do?

Responsive design. The evolution of interface design in the last ten years made this approach the most important standard. Every website should be optimized for mobile UX, and content should be reordered to fit smaller (or larger) screens. This is a bare minimum — and common sense on the web today — which is likely the reason why designers began misusing it.

Mistaking Decent Breakpoints for Good Mobile UX

As RWD (Responsive Web Design) became a standard, designers started simplifying the philosophy behind it. If you have three boxes in a row on the desktop, you should position those three vertically on a mobile screen. Nice work…

The Attitude and Tools We Had in a Design Thinking Camp for Product Designers

Designers are mostly nocturnal, very good at hiding and are rarely seen in the wild. They make their dens in rocky ledges, under uprooted trees and sometimes in dense cities. But you rarely encounter them on a lakeside, frolicking together, enjoying being designers and creating something together while at it.

Luckily, that was just the thing we experienced at our first IxD Camp.

A Design Thinking Camp

IxD Camp was a 3 day intense design workshop we hosted for people already familiar with the basics of product design, the Design Thinking framework and it’s tools. …

Thomas Fogarasy

Designer, Partner @ Exalt Interactive. Founder at DOERS conf., Interaction Design Lab Leader @ MOME University.

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