Recently I have been confronted with a rising number of articles on job loss due to AI and robotics. And because most of them predict a huge decline in jobs, I have been frustrated by them. So here is my vision of the jobs of tomorrow.

Are we horses?

The most popular analogy in the doomsday articles is that with the advent of motorized transport, there was a steep decline in “jobs” for horses in the city. Many authors argue that the same will happen to us when AI & robotics get widely used with the fourth industrial revolution. …

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

The above is a famous quotation attributed to the late business management guru Peter Drucker. The statement seems to imply that culture is more important than strategy. But that’s not really true.

The difference

In business, a culture is defined as the combination of vision, values, norms, systems, symbols, language, assumptions, beliefs, and habits. Basically it’s the less tangible stuff which makes a company a nice place to work (or not). Culture is driven from the leadership, but it requires everyone’s participation.

In an earlier blogpost I already explained my view on Strategy. It’s the medium term…

Recently I posted an update on LinkedIn on how the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) may not be the best tool for selecting a starting point for your innovation. RAT (Riskiest Assumption Test) was given as an alternative. Because this sparked quite some discussion (mostly off-line), I’m going a bit more in depth in this blogpost.

What’s wrong with the MVP?

Anyone who has created MVP’s before will know that early in the innovation process it is extremely hard to find the balance between minimal and viable. Put in too much effort and you increase the risk of to major losses. But if you don’t make…

Thomas Nagels

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