Best Travel Tips by Thomas Salzano

Whenever you are packing for Business trip or any Vacation you should keep some things in mind. Here are some point to remember while packing bags and going to Trip :-

  1. Always pack a hat
  2. Bring a travel first aid kit
  3. Pack a reusable water bottle that clips on to your bag
  4. Bags with wheels are amazing.
  5. Don’t forget your camera charger.
  6. Don’t pack clothes that require ironing.
  7. Never pack something that you haven’t worn before.
  8. Pack those shoes you wear for jogging some time at your trip you won’t care what you look like. You will only care about being comfortable.
  9. Give Tip your hotel housekeeping staff.
  10. Never carry your wallet in your back pocket or never carry your purse on just your shoulder.
  11. If you don’t know their local language then at least learn some phrases like Please. Thank you. I’m sorry.
  12. Wherever you are, wherever you are going bring snacks.
  13. Call your credit card company before you leave and put a travel alert on your card.
  14. Contact the embassy and letting them know the dates of your trip or have their contact info on hand.
  15. Make photocopies of your passport and leave one with friends and another in your bag or Scan your passport and email a copy to yourself.
  16. When packing, try to match all of the pants/bottoms you are taking with all of the tops. This will prevent you from looking like a total fool by the end of your trip.
  17. If you can not afford to lose something never pack it.
  18. If you’ve selected the window seat, you’d better have a big bladder.
  19. Suffer from motion sickness? Ask for a drink that is half ginger ale and half club soda.
  20. Wear sunscreen anytime you will be outside
  21. Never bring more than two bags with you its difficult to keep track of it in whole trip.
  22. If you have forgotten something, check with the hotel before running to the store. Most housekeeping departments carry toothbrushes, combs, sewing kits, shower caps, and disposable razors that they will give you free of charge.
  23. Budget hotels always offer free wi-fi. Luxury hotels will charge you for it. This is almost always the case.
  24. Sleeping in while traveling is not acceptable

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