Sylo Network.

(The tech that helps you stay you).

Sylo Network is a decentralized correspondence system, convention and ecosystem community fueled by the SYLO token. Sylo is likewise an application that unites crypto-installments, client correspondence, and a commercial center of DApps which all use Sylo for correspondence and capacity.

In a world of thoughtless browsing and nosy publicity, Sylo put you back in charge or control your own computerized world. It’s a network of similar individuals and organizations, who need full power over how they convey and the data they share on the web.

Sylo App and it features.

The Sylo App is to wind up the decentralized correspondence and calling application based on the Sylo Protocol. The Sylo Application will be the primary application based on the blockchain-based Sylo Protocol, and will utilize innovation officially marketed in the Sylo Application which is as of now accessible or download from the App Store (ios) and the Google Play Store (Android apk).

For clients, Sylo will be the center point of their decentralized application biological system; a solitary application from which they can securely speak with others, cooperate with organizations, in addition to discover and get to additionally decentralized functionalities given by other Connected Applications. Sylo will likewise be the client’s ’wellspring of truth' for all their communications inside any Connected Application. It will unite for a client the majority of their contacts, interchanges, and spared information from any Connected Application, and will give a solitary place to deal with their profile data, relationship authorizations, and conventional settings over every single Connected Application that they are related with.

As the key connector for clients and Connected Applications in the Sylo biological system, the Sylo App will give the spine to another client first route for gatherings to chat securely, trade esteem and cooperate for the shared advantage of all included.

By uniting natural collaboration segments, new token models, and simple to utilize decentralized advances, the Sylo App will look to enable the client and standard a decentralized route for genuine individuals and genuine organizations to collaborate.

The key features include the following:

  • Profile Management
  • Confidential Communication
  • Decentralized Storage
  • Connected Applications
  • Token Wallet
  1. Profile Management: Sylo is where clients can deal with their decentralized profile and favored settings. Connected applications can add custom fields and information to a client’s profile as required, with the spared data remaining the property of the client yet available by the associated application. This profile and these spared settings are recollected furthermore, connected as a client moves between various associated or connected applications.