Failure — A Wake up Call to Life.

Closing eyes to ambitions, to feelings, to self awareness,

Moving in on to the safety couch, trying to thrive on laziness, comforting the loser within, having no idea where you come from, having no idea where you’d want to go,

The couch seems to be pretty cool for now,

The couch feeds you with complacency, with lethargy and illicit procrastination,

The couch is comfortable, until it starts to consume you, paralyzing you for good,

the first signs of which would be first level failures,

The couch could be comfortable still, until you realize, a deep pain within,

The pain from lost relationships, opportunities, experiences,

Everything that is lost to selfishness, laziness, adamancy, repetition, routine,

The couch, comfort zone many call it these days,

Torch the couch, it’s time for you to start running,

Do you have any idea?

what you’re running towards, what you are running from?

consumed in pain, frustration and disbelief,

Looking for an escape, you cannot run from it, failure is always by your side,

Failure, a negative undertone,

what if, failure was a positive undercurrent,

Undercurrent that would take us places, places we’d never imagined to experience,

Start Failing,

Fail, fail often! Fail at everything you can lay your hands on! It’ll get you closer to everything that you’re inherently successful at!

Failure helped me get sick of my previous self, to burn my couch,

Helped me find newness in my very being, finding acceptance in places I deemed strange,

Populated by thoughts of determination and relentlessness,

Failure is raw, it’s cold, it is honest,

Failure is your best friend,

Embrace it and you will find satisfaction in your struggle, overcoming your rut!

You’ll find yourself in truthfulness and relentless hope,

Relentlessness,a word I’ve come to love!

In my daily run, inching towards my goals,

Goals a while back seemed implausible,

A stones throw away, discipline in the way,

Finding my way to confidence, confidence that let me fail again, and again,

Until I knew, it’s ok to fail, there is no stigma, it is a real situation that many of us find ourselves in,

Failure helps us make friends with discipline,

Tired of mediocrity, tired of falling short of that last mile every single time,

You want to train yourself, you want to beat yourself regularly,

surpassing your previous self, every single day,

It takes grit, perseverance and obsessiveness to maintain focus,

To remain disciplined, once there, you don’t want to let go,

You don’t want to let go of the rope that got you this far,

You want to maintain the rigour, the tension without any slack,

Failure helps us find ourselves, in the world of possibilities,

failure helps us take time off to figure things out,

Failure helps us disregard our previous selves in a way that we want to be more,

Not letting us take our previous self seriously, ever,

Failure helps us in growing new skin, healed, to explore a new day,

Failure helps us embrace life through its mountains and crevices, a plethora of experiences that would mean so little, without the perspective of failure,

Accepting failure, a first step to accepting success,

For in tandem they work,

Failure gives success it’s importance, it’s time we gave failure it’s importance,

May be it’s time for us to take it on our stride,be humble and learn from it,

The hypocritical approach towards learning needs to take a new turn,

May be it’s time for us to look at failure in new light,

Failure, an opportunity to better your self,

Failure, start of a new chapter, a saving grace,

A cog, to the perpetual wheel of life,

Failure is the driving factor, success is not,

In effect failure humbles us when we dismiss discipline,

It reminds us of the importance of consistency,

It helps us revisit the fundamentals of learning, explore it with a revitalized search for evolution of the self,

Failure is the undercurrent that brings in vitality to our lives.

Thomas Kadavil Abraham

Written by

Is an experiential writer. He dabbles with paint, tries to make art. Gamifying Life for what it’s worth.

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