64 Things People Who Double Space After A Period Probably Do
Luke Trayser

Since you have no facts that will support your position, I see that you just resort to playground bullying and peer pressure to get your way. That is unfortunate. Two spaces is the only reasonable modern solution. We lost wider sentence spacing due to poor technology which is no longer in use. Now, wider spacing can clarify sentence boundaries caused by the overloaded meanings of the period.

“Who’s going?” “You and I. Smith also.”

Is that you, me, and smith, or you and Isabella Smith? We live in a world where we depend on automated machine interpretation (translation, text-to-speech, etc.) of text. Two spaces offers superior functionality, and even affords the opportunity to format text to the reader’s preference (wide or not). One space does not provide this ability, simply dictating to the reader how they will view the text.

Please stop bullying people with your misinformation.