Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

We’ve received some pretty clear messages about who it is not for.

It isn’t for enterprise users and hasn’t been for awhile. The support for enterprise (from Apple itself) is horrible and has been getting worse. We got out of that usage a couple of years ago.

It isn’t for artists who can now buy a Surface Pro and dump their expensive Wacom/Mac combination. They would be happier if they could use the iPad Pro but it’s too “slippery” for pen drawing, and the software is a toy version of what they can get on Surface. (How could they be so stupid to lose this market?)

It isn’t for scientists either. In the astrophysics community, 90% of the personal machines have been OS X, because they can easily port Unix/Linux software and do the same science at home and at work. But as Apple enhances security (control) of their platform, porting is getting harder and harder. Meanwile Microsoft has made enormous inroads into making Linux software run native under Windows. I’m expecting to see a shift in this community over the next few years to either pure Linux or Windows with Linux library support.

Their laserlike focus on the mainstream consumer is going to render their computers irrelevant to the all of the various niche groups that liked them as computers in the first place.

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