5 Tips to get you more followers on Instagram

I (like most artists) fight in the social media trenches everyday. We upload good content, talk to our followers, and try to create a community around our ideas and art. Also like most artists starting out, this can be very hard at times. I was talking to a friend of my who sings but has a very distinct advantage. He has a degree in marketing. He went from 340 followers to over 4,000 in less than a year. I asked him some tips on how he did it, and now I am sharing them with you.

1. Unfollow all of your non-followers:

If you are following 1400 people, but only have 200 followers, you should change that. Most first time users could see that as being “less credible” if you are following many more people that are following you. For free you can download an app calling Instagram insight (for free on both IOS and Android and they also offer one for Twitter). This app will tell you 3 main things that you need to know. How many people are following you, how many people your following, and most importantly who’s not following you (in the Android version they are called non-followers). Go though that section and unfollow the people that are not following you. If there is someone that you don’t want to unfollow that doesn’t follow you, you can always message them and ask them to follow back.. You will be surprised how many people follow you after they notice you stopped following them..

2. Take down all pictures/videos that don’t relate to your content:

This is another common thing that I see a lot of. If you are a painter, post pictures and videos of the art you produce or respect. No one is going to care about what you ate for lunch last Tuesday (unless you made some art masterpiece out of it!). Only upload content that relates to your page. You can also have both a personal page and a business page so you can still post whatever you want and keep your content separate.

3. Make a catchy name that relates to your content:

If you are a painter (sorry for picking on you), name your page something like (your name)paints. That way I am not confused on what you do and what your page is about about. My page is Thomas Angeletti Music. When you go to my Instagram page, you seem me programming beats, playing guitar, doing all kinds of stuff. The key is that I am playing some sort of music in all of them. I have a clear direction with my content and a page to show it.

4. Change your Instagram to a business profile:

If you go into your settings, you can instantly (for free) switch your personal profile into a business one. With this switch, you can put buttons on your page that your followers can use to contact you via phone or email. Also this version provides insights. It will show you how many people your post reached, the number of unique accounts, and also the times your post was engaged by like and comments. Other insights (located on the top right corner of your profile) include your top post and most popular times that people look at your posts. Also to take this one step further, you should link it to your Facebook business page (if you don’t have one, make one right after implementing these steps). This will give your fans multiple ways to see your content and interact with you.

5. Make solid content:

This should seem like an easy one, but its often forgotten. People rush to upload content to appease their followers, but you must remember that its the quality of the content that matters, not always the quantity. This will go a long way in getting people to easily digest what you’re trying to share with them. If you’re a photographer, look at all of you posts and only choose the ones that look the best. This way if people look at your page with the possibility of hiring you, they only see the best stuff.. Also remember to fill out the Bio part with a little about yourself and make sure that you link your website. This will help funnel that traffic from your Instagram to your Website


I started using this formula last month, and it has taken my from 253 followers to almost 600. I am continuing to think about all of these tips every time I post something. I really hope that it helps you as well. If it does, please let me know. If you think I missed something, let me know as well. We are all in this together, so lets make it happen and get shit done!