Stop Chasing Success

I am getting tired of reading articles that tell me I will not be successful because I don’t wake up at 5am and have a cold shower. This belief of emulating the minor habits of “successful” people is delusional nonsense. People are successful in what they do because they are passionate and hard working individuals. We need to stop thinking of the word “success” in a financial sense and focus on what success means for you. It may well be finance related, however, there are many more things to consider. Someone who has millions in the bank but does not enjoy their job has succeeded financially but failed at creating a happy and enjoyable day to day life. Which of those metrics sounds more important to you?

These days, and especially in the tech industry, there is such an immense amount of pressure to be considered successful that we have millions of founders putting work before their own personal health. It is becoming a normality for depression and founding a company to go hand in hand. Founders are almost expected to walk the path of depleting mental health, sleepless nights and 20 hour work days to earn their badge of success. Bullshit. If you are a founder then your mental health needs to come before anything else. Your business and your team are relying on you to steer the boat in the right direction. Not caring for your mental health is a suicide mission.

For me, being successful means enjoying my job and being proud of my work. I am someone who is lucky enough to earn an honest living doing what they love. I am able to do this because I am passionate about technology and design, not because I eat exactly 30 grams of protein per meal & listen to podcasts at x2 speed (I don’t do either of those things, thats ridiculous). You do not have to create the next best invention or save mankind to be successful.