Love your neighbour as yourself

If I loved myself I would Love God

If I love God I would with my whole heart wish to keep his word

His word says it all it answers to every step and design of my life

It shows the way on the narrow path and through the narrow gate

It shows me Jesus

To love my neighbour means to listen to them to share with them the joy I know found in the word

If the word is in me and I know it I have the greatest wisdom known to man

To keep the word to know it understand it pass it on

It is a life of service

A life of dedication a life of sacrifice of the self to keep the word

I cannot yet I can confess where I cannot

So my confession before God and man allows me to be humble

What is it to be meek

Being meek is to bend our will our perceived perception of righteousness as not one of the self and some human right story but righteousness through Christ and His word His suffering death and resurrection to live in us.

Bending our will turning our heart loving God the word and keeping it discipline love

Where does human right or democracy come into play when keeping says keep

How can one keep loving when not keeping is everywhere

The keeping provides the way

For what is within must come out

Manifestation equation action reaction

Loving your neighbour today is letting them go saying nothing and moving out of the way as the word is democrasized and the keeper demonized as a enemy of right

Yes and indeed this is wrong

This is my Love statement

Human Right is Wrong it creates terror and diminishes and undermines the word of God

A new flavor of madness chasing after wind a new generation of meaningless and vanity for the soul of man no matter which day of the most modern time they live in they must indeed learn know and keep the word

It is the calling into existence the gift of this moment we call the present

Come come come Lord Jesus Be Our Guest and let these gifts to us be blessed

Love is I am :)

For first there was the Word

If I love my neighbour as myself human rights mean nothing

For in keeping human rights and indeed one soul is lead to sin

It would be better to tie a mill stone around ones neck and jump in the lake

To whom much is given much will be expected

Our lives are in loving our neighbour the sharing of our gifts of vocation all our knowledge to those who will accept it

Giving all praise to God who has created us

Encouraging one and other speaking the truth in love and bearing each others burdens

Learning to love our self and God more and indeed our neighbour as ourself entails keeping Gods Word

Accepting all things but not condoning all things

Yet all things turn to good for those who love God

Tribulation grief sadness all means of sin lead us to sin , the less than things of our humanity

We are led to Christ

Democracy and Human Rights lead us to sin and indeed to Christ

Turn your heart to the word for this is life and freedom