Virtual Co-working

when will it take off?

I’ve been talking a lot lately about online co-working spaces. For example, a place where you could post “Hey, I’m drawing up X and could use some help with Y and Z. Anyone down for a Google Hangout?” or “I video recorded my pitch, what do you guys think?” In an organized co-working environment people that have context with what you’re up to could hop on to collab/help/learn. To me, that’s super interesting.

Wins for co-working spaces that are achievable online:

Sharing and building ideas — These spaces get you off your island and provide sweet chances to learn from others’ successes and failures. Helping your co-workers will let you articulate new thoughts, broaden your thinking and be a pal. (awesome related content: Dave McClure on learning from others & Steven Johnson on the architecture of innovative spaces)

Establishing support networks — When you’re marketing, researching, raising, or hiring, having trustworthy connections to collaborate can mean a lot for your potential, timing, and execution—especially if it’s your first time.

Interesting trends that are making physical location obsolete:

Communication — Skype and others are working on 3D holographic chat. Augmented reality and Google Glass-type products are hecka close.

Knowledge economy — The 20th century economy was highly influenced by natural resources, industrial machines and manual labor. Today’s economy is thrives on knowledge, ideas and talented people.

Democratization of tools & info — It’s insanely more viable now to learn from the smartest people and scrape together enough tools to launch an idea from anywhere.

Freelancing — According to an Intuit study 40% of Americans will be freelancers by 2020 and less restricted to offices.

What are your thoughts? Should online co-working spaces be more of a thing?

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