The Questionable Life

Karma — What goes around comes around. If I do the right thing and do good to others, maybe just maybe my pay it forward will come back to me and I will experience the great reward.

But what about those who’ve, in the past or present (not to exclude the future), messed up in such a way that they’re quite sure they’ll get what they deserve? What about those that are doing good things and experiencing far from anything that is rewarding?

It’s interesting that most of us are built to define life’s journey through an entry point of reason. Most decisions and actions are based on reason. We take into consideration our past experiences and weigh them against the current circumstances to build a theory of what will most likely happen. Sometimes we dress it up a bit with a fancy hat and tuxedo by calling it wisdom. We use reason to justify why we should or shouldn’t do things. It gives us an intelligent answer to why things occur. Makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Well then, what about GRACE?

Grace, unlike Karma, defies reason and logic. How can someone love the unloveable or forgive the unforgivable? It’s not logical. They don’t deserve it. They deserve justice; right? But don’t we all?

Questionable Grace. Do we really understand it? It’s not reasonable… it’s not logical. It’s not even just! It’s uncensored love that interrupts the consequences of our actions. It is a foolish thought that each of us should be released from shame and guilt and live with momentum, not oppression, regardless of the circumstances. It purifies our hearts, not just our actions! This is in fact, questionable! It’s love!

Love often produces far from logical results! Have you ever driven several hours just to spend 5 minutes with someone? Seems a bit crazy, right? Well, it is! Grace is crazy. It defies the very logic that we are taught and often live out. Unfortunately our logic stands not only in the way of loving others but, maybe more importantly, in the way of us being loved! In order for grace to be given, we must believe that we can receive it. Without this, an exchange is impossible. (God is love. To know love is to know God. 1 John)

Maybe today is a day to fall back in love with Grace. She is totally head-over-heals for you. Go show her off. Tell your friends about how beautiful she is. Get some alone time to talk to her. She doesn’t want to judge you or bring up the past. She only wants to lift you up so she may show you hope of the future! The Father has sent her to you as a gift from His son. Enjoy being questionable with her!

“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” — Hebrews 4:16 (ESV)

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