I’m 35 and I may suddenly have lost the rest of my life. I’m panicking, just a bit.
Scott Riddle

Hello Scott. To be honest, I came across this article as I was just randomly scrolling through LinkedIn. The title was written in a way, that I just wanted to read your story, even though I almost never do that. I have to admit, that while reading through your story, I literally wanted to cry sometimes. It is painful to just think about what you are going through. Even though people talk about cancer like it is always terminal, it is not true. The medicine has developed a lot over the past few years. A few years ago, when you had stage 4, you were most likely going to die, period. Nowadays, it has become much easier to fight it. You have the advantage of your lovely family being there for you. That’s able to help you more, than any chemotherapy will ever be. I wish you all the best and good luck in the following 6 months. I believe that it will get better and your family will be able to enjoy your presence for many many years to come. Have a lovely day.

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