Discover the Quirky Side of London

Visit any tourist advisor site and you’ll find guides on classy spots, monumental attractions and the “conventional” tourist activities.

But, if you want to explore London’s — and your — unconventional side, then here are some great suggestions.

Go on a themed ride

Instead of a conventional tour of London’s famous sites and buildings, how about a themed tour to transform you into the settings of your favourite movies and stories?

London offers some great themed tours including the Harry Potter tour, the Beatles tour, and the Italian Job tour.

My favourite is the Murder Miles Tours that cover the scenes of about 75 deaths in London, revealing truths you never knew about them.

Role Playing in Maman le Mot

Dine with a spy twist in Maman le Mot. This French resistance-themed dining experience allows you to travel back in time to 1943. You’ll learn to detect double-agents, undermine enemy efforts and fine-tune your French accent.

After successfully completing your mission, you will be led into the Moulin Rouge-styled Parisian bistro and bar where you’ll enjoy a heavenly three-course dinner. Oh, with wining and dancing all night long.

London Go

Couldn’t think of a more appropriate name for this adventure-based London activity. No, you will not be hunting elusive Pokémon: you will enjoy a wholesome, enriching and truly exhilarating tour of London in awesome adventures.

There are many such adventure-based games in London, most of which are centered on solving mysteries, puzzles or crimes.

My favourites are City Dash, The Crystal Maze and City Hunt. The great thing about these games is that they lead you to some of London’s great tourist attractions, only in a more enjoyable and involving way.

Get Stuffed!

When a friend took me to this taxidermy specialist, I could swear animals had been let loose from the zoo. Get Stuffed produces some truly spectacular stuffed animals from robins to lions, with works so authentic you’ll constantly need to remind yourself the animals aren’t alive.

The Hunterian Museum

If you have a soft stomach, you will want to stay away from this museum. The Hunterian Museum’s fascinations is in its gruesome exhibits, containing specimens that span anatomy, pathology and zoology.

Here, you’ll find remains of body parts and organs, mundane surgical instruments, and grotesque paintings and sculpture relevant to the medical profession.

There are other unusual activities and attractions in London, most of which will leave you looking for good food and drink. London is not short of great dining options to cap off a quirky tour of the city.

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