Tips to Get Great Value for Money on Your Visit to Camden

As a tourist you want to avoid feeling that you’ve paid too much for too little. Or, you may be struggling to find ways of getting the best out of your limited budget.

Whether you’re visiting Camden on a budget or just want to get the best out of every penny, here are a few tips:


For good-quality wares and options, you are best served to shop at Camden’s open air markets. Check out the Camden Lock Village for a variety of clothing and clothing accessories among other things. There, you will even find alternative clothing for virtually any taste.

The Stables Market is a great place to get high-quality, secondhand wares including home fittings, kitchenware, furniture, clothes and accessories, and shoes

Arts and Culture

The Camden Arts Centre is more than an art gallery. In addition to the rich display of contemporary art works, you can also get some art education here through the many artist — led activities and courses.

Emerging artists and international debutantes come here to display their work and exchange knowledge. The centre also offers a residency programme where you can receive long-term, practical training and support from experts.

With free entry and free Wi-Fi, it’s a place you want to check out.


It depends mostly on your budget and time constraints. There are fast food joints in the markets where you can grab a quick bite. There are also some very good-value restaurants in Camden that cater to various cuisine and dietary preferences.

Poppies Camden does excellent fish and chips. I also love what Haché does with their grills.


This depends on your taste. Here are a few options you can explore:

· Dublin Castle: The venue is a bit unusual, but the music is great. It’s where emerging bands and artists come to test the waters. If you’re well received at the Dublin Castle, chances are you will go on to bigger things.

Entry fees are budget-friendly. Performances here are mostly indie and rock n roll.

· The Jazz Cafe: Here you can catch live jazz, funk retro, soul, reggae, and blues performances.

Apart from the prices, I like the variety that these two venues offer. You can check out the Green Note for some folk music.

There may be other activities and attractions you may want to explore. Do some research and get insider knowledge on the best places to get the right blend of quality and cost in Camden.