Thomas Brutnell is an innovation-focused Missouri entrepreneur who leads Viridis Genomics Consulting and serves as the vice president of Gateway Biotechnology, Inc. With an aim of combating hearing disorders, Thomas Brutnell employs a novel pre-clinical pipeline for identifying candidate drugs that already have proven safety records.

One recent Gateway Biotechnology advancement against noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and tinnitus (persistent ringing in the ears) involved obtaining patent number 10,434,097 from the US Patent and Trademark Office. This centers on the use of the compound tetrandrine (TET), isolated from a traditional Chinese medicinal plant.

Entitled “Methods and Compositions for Treating Hearing Disorders,”…

Missouri resident Dr. Thomas Brutnell advises organizations in the educational and private sectors about plant breeding and genetics. As a researcher in this field, Thomas Brutnell has written extensively on the topics of plant genetics and molecular biology.

While the subjects of plant genetics and molecular biology are usually contained in the research lab, both have real-world consequences in terms of plant diversity and sustainable agriculture.

A 2013 review published Khan and colleagues (doi: 10.1093/aob/mct125) focuses on the Himalayan ecosystem and the importance of mountain ecosystems as a hotbed for genetic diversity. The study was completed in the Himalayas because…

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Plant biologist Thomas Brutnell, PhD, has more than 25 years of experience studying plant molecular biology, genetics, and genomics. One of Thomas Brutnell’s areas of focus is plant photosynthesis, specifically C4 photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is universally known as the process in which plants use water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight to make sugars. The process occurs in the chloroplasts of cells located in the leaves and stems of a plant. The process begins when plants use the solar energy in sunlight and water to produce chemical forms of energy (ATP) and reductant (NADPH) through the so-called light reactions, producing oxygen as the…

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An accomplished biotechnology expert, Dr. Thomas Brutnell serves as the vice president of Gateway Biotechnology, a startup that aims to prevent and treat age-related and noise-induced hearing loss through repurposing FDA-approved drugs and to develop novel plant-based products that are effective in preventing noise-induced hearing loss. Dr. Thomas Brutnell has authored and co-authored over 100 papers in plant genomics and genetics.

In July 2018, Dr. Brutnell and his colleagues published a research paper exploring the ability of enhanced photosynthesis to develop climate-smart crops. …

Thomas Brutnell

Thomas Brutnell is a longtime presence in the biotechnology development sphere who has a focus on plant genomics and genetics.

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