Mission Trip 2013: J-House

One of the things I wish I could do before getting married is doing a mission trip overseas. I just got married three months ago. Just one and a half year before I successfully made my first mission trip to Osaka! I went to Osaka in June 2013 for my first mission trip. I was excited to learn new things, experience different cultures and observe the daily life of people there. Moreover, I wanted to experience how God works through the ministry in Japan. Somehow I feel nostalgic with the ministry there. It’s been almost two years since I went for the mission. I hope I am not too late to write about it.

This trip was my second trip to Osaka. I have an Indonesian friend who was a missionary in the local church there. He helped me so I could come to Osaka for this mission trip. I didn’t come alone; I came along with my friend, Ronald. He is a sushi chef; we are from the same church, same ministry, and same dance crew.

The local church where I stayed is named J-house, an international church. Katsuya Iida, the pastor is so nice and fun. I was so blessed could meet him in person.

There are also some missionaries serving at J-house, called the Jesus Soldier. Mostly, they come from other countries. It was fun to meet them, especially Nia and Chris. These two are craziest; I will never forget the dance session we had at the dining hall. Unexpectedly, Chris was a bboy and hip-hop head (?) ,and I guess he still.

We also met with some new friends from CFC, Illinois. They were on a mission trip as well. They came a week before Ronald and I came. We were blessed we could join their activities. We went together to universities, church for homeless people and weekly service in Kyoto and Kobe.

Last but not least I feel blessed with the help of our Japanese buddy, Masahiro. He accompanied Ronald and me anywhere and anytime, though he was so busy. He even took leave for several days Well, here are some highlights from the trip:

We joined Jesus Soldier to visit some universities in Osaka. Visiting University is one of the weekly activities of Jesus Soldier. Usually, they divided into some groups to visit different Universities.

We went to church for homeless people with CFC and Jesus Soldier. The local pastor is so kind and hospitable. By the way, I love the curry rice dinner here!

Every Friday and Saturday, Jesus Soldier will do an outreach to
Kyoto and Kobe.

We were singing and worshiping together on the street.

J-House Kobe

Before they start the service, They make english class for Japanese.

Chris was leading the praise and worship at that night.

The baptism in J-house.

Dinner and small groups after service.

I want to say thank you to Ps. Katsuya Iida, All Jesus Soldiers (Daniel, Morgan, Dong, Yuuka, Kimiko, Nia, Chelsea, Chris and Deoni), Ps Jim and All CFC friends, Yoshi, Masahiro and everyone in J-house.
I miss you guys! Hope to see you guys again!

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