During our last articles, we were evocating the great difficulties that creators and viewers are facing on traditional platforms. They both have a limited leeway concerning the creation and discovery of digital content, particularly due to the technical and economical models that are taking place on these giants. Alternative systems arose allowing users to make revenue such as crowdfunding or tipping platforms but the initial problems, partially treated, still persist to this day.

I will try to exhibit some of the solutions we implemented through Sinaps to paliate to some problematics that I’m going to detail here after. Happy reading!

“Crowdfunding and tipping 2.0”

Lors de nos précédents articles, nous avons évoqué dans les grandes lignes les difficultés auxquelles font face aussi bien les créateurs que les consommateurs de contenu sur les plateformes traditionnelles. Ces derniers ont en effet une marge de manœuvre limitée quant à la création et la découverte de contenu digital, notamment à cause du modèle économique et technique mis en place sur ces mastodontes.
Des systèmes de rémunération alternatifs ont alors vu le jour à travers le crowdfunding ou le tipping mais ces problèmes, partiellement traités, persistent.

Je vais tenter ici d’exhiber les solutions que nous avons mise en place…

In our last article, we mentioned the main sources for creators to make revenue in 2019. Unfortunately, we did not take the time to explore the functioning of content suggesting algorithms, which are used to allow the highlight of some creations rather than others and therefore allowing content creators to bring their productions forward. We intend to remedy this here by proposing to you the fruits of our research.

First of all we will try to describe the main axes of content suggesting and explicit the reasons why such algorithms exist. …

The emergence of sharing platforms such as Youtube for videos, Instagram for photos or Medium for writings enabled the propagation and made it easier to create content.

Today, 95 millions pictures are uploaded every day on Instagram and 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on Youtube.

And this tendency is not yet to stop, in a world where the dream job of an astronaut is now making place for the one of a Youtuber.

However, more and more polemics are arising from the use of these platforms, as we could have heard angry voices concerning demonetization of video…

Thomas Carminatti

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