New strategic botscamp partnership with NEO the student think tank and network — at the largest Swiss universities

Thomas Schulz
Mar 15, 2017 · 2 min read

We are thrilled to let you know about our new strategic partnership with NEO. This docking station between Swiss universities and the botscamp is about to shape collaboration in an elevated way.

About NEO
The NEO Network («NEO» for short) is a student think tank and network dedicated to explore and to address tomorrow‘s challenges with the leading industry experts, scientists and entrepreneurs at the largest Swiss universities like the University of Zurich, ETH, University of St. Gallen, University of Basel.

To power these endeavors, we are a deliberately rich and diverse students community of both men and women from every scientific discipline — all connected by a shared optimism towards science and technology and a common dedication to advance the status quo in order to shape our communities for the better.

NEO (from «néos», ancient greek) is based on three pillars: NEO Keynotes, NEO Network and NEO Labs. We connect and interact through our network, explore and understand in our keynotes and create and impact at our labs.

Ideating about the next automation
Bots, AI, machine learning and conversational interfaces — game changer, business enabler, future shaper. The effect of this algorithm powerhouse is huge. The botscamp is the first and true online conference worldwide about this evolution with exponential growth. Swiss Made.

Four times a year in March, June, September and December — the botscamp inspires faster, strives for the collaborative knowledge gain, inverts habits — no ticket costs, no travel costs, no travel time, even the replays are free for the participants. The presenters will be voted by the participants at each botscamp— a holistic approach with developers, researchers, monetizers focusing the business side. And the embedded slack community unleashes the never sleep network with botic dimensions.

Quick facts since August 2016: 450 participants in Slack, 3400 followers in Twitter, some 15’000 Tweets by @SprkyBot the networker.

Welcome at the botspot to be.

Thomas Schulz

Written by

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