We just got the Hot Chat Bot plot.

After our latest #shlTLK on 4th August 2016, the smarthealthlab expert talk about the (chat) bot hype, here comes the wrap-up.

Flash Back into the telephone answering machine times.

Maurice Codourey, my friend and Co Founder made his experiences with bots already at a very early stage: “I remember my first «automatized communication» in the 80’s. Looking back to my answering machine and the 3 minutes stories I developed to inform callers about my out of home facts and taking messages had some self-propelling effects. These early viral effects and mouth-to-mouth propaganda created more and more callers everyday and I pushed my creativity to the limit. Like the set-up of a tiger hunt with a lot of noises, screaming and voices for some three different people. I knew that I reached the top when I once took the phone and the caller said: «Oh, it’s you?… Please hang up so I can call again in order to listen to your today’s message.”

Today the chat bots are invading a much more advanced area of automatized communication. We started the Shaila Bot (Shaila: Smart Health Artificial Intelligence Lab Activity) project in April 2016. As one of the first non-medical chat bots in healthcare we explored uncharted edges and spaces of communication routines between healthcare professionals. This applies for doctor-patient communication as well.

Possibilities double while you sleep.

The development follows the exponential growth phenomenon. Shaila was amongst a few when she was born. Tomorrow there could be 35, the following week 100. The chat bot frenzy — just another digital hype? At smarthealthlab we say no. In this quick game there are two sorts of healthcare chat bots:

  • The medical driven chat bot. Giving medical advice, taking care of a primary line diagnosis. In this area we expect similar developments like the medical apps being checked by the FDA or other governmental agencies.
  • The process driven healthcare chat bot. Building communities, simplifying registration systems, enhancing knowledge exchange and much more. This management, marketing, business development, maybe booking engine and so on versions are just warming up.

Buckle up, Chat Bot impact ahead.

You don’t have to love it, you cannot ignore it, you will be challenged by it. On the technical side you can choose already today between numerous bot creating programs. On the content side the need for convincing, smart, qualified content grows with rocket speed.

Thats where smarthealthlab delivers expertise on both sides. Tec and Txt. Shaila Bot is creating in her beta life a healthcare professional community since april. She’s shoveling through Twitter — smarthealthlab and ShailaBot. Looking for specific professionals, contacting them and inviting them into our Slack community (btw: if you want to join, just talk to Shaila Bot on FB). In there the professionals will have free of charge access to other professionals they maybe never would find by themselves. The knowledge exchange is a self-starter, Shaila is there for a rising amount of questions as a helper, and we are doing interventions as the moderation team.

So far in Twitter: More than 1300 followers in the @smarthealthlab channel, over 400 in the Shaila account.
So far in the Slack community: 120 healthcare professionals from all over the world.
Tech facts: Shaila IO is in fact more then just a Bot, she is our director of automated digital services. We are using Zapier, IFTTT, Twitter Apps, Google Sheets and Typeform for orchestrating the various digital services and interactions. Since some weeks we started with a first beta of a Facebook Chatbot, powered by Chatfuel Team.

Dazzling content re-loaded.

After developing a lot of successful content strategies in the web for airlines, tourism, insurance, gastronomy/hotel or the federal department of foreign affairs we are in a constant construction of Shaila providing a bot communication which doesn’t feel like steel. And providing a face by our first drawing of that young dynamic and bright woman. There is more to come on every level.

We consider the qualified text as a key. A smart technology as well. The success of Shaila works like an extra thrust on our upcoming releases. If you want to start building your own healthcare community or having your registration process evolved into a bot instrument please contact us:

We’re planning to enter the next level with Shaila after summer. Attend our regular #shlTLK lab talks via Google Hangout, follow us in Twitter or Facebook. Shaila is there for you — 24 hours. And we during one-third of her hour power.

Stay tuned for more. Chat bots, healthcare, smarthealthlab and you — the beginning of a botful digital friendship.

Maurice Codourey & Thomas Schulz