How and Why to Use Emojis in Your Marketing

Marketing with Emojis has become standard fare. People enjoy the cuteness they bring to content but what you need to know is that adding an emoji or two to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter posts, and even emails may increase your visibility and interaction.

Watch out! Your Emoji App Permissions Might Surprise You — Almost as Much As This Guy

Use of emoji-based marketing has skyrocketed year over year according to an Appboy Study . If fact, the number is said to be over 700%! Basically, if you’re not using emojis with your business content you’re out of the loop. Once more the results speak for themselves. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram content that use emojis all attract more engagement when compared to posts without the use of emojis. They aren’t simply something fun to help engage people, they have become their own language and are considered content marketing necessity.

“Too frequent or improper use [of emojis] could desensitize your audience to this powerful messaging format and potentially impair your brand’s image and relevance.” — Jesse Tao

As with any tool or language, emojis can be overused or used for the wrong purpose or in the wrong context. Try to be careful about what emojis you use and when. Ensure your interpreted definition of the emoji is the same as the majorities interpretation or definition. A fist emoji might look like a fist bump when if fact, it may mean you want to punch someone! Also, your phone’s OS or keyboard likely has default emoji’s installed and available. Be VERY careful before going to the Google app store or iTunes and installing an enhanced emoji app. Always check the app permissions. You may be surprised by how much access these little apps want to your phone. It’s scary.

Think email use of emojis is useless? Think again! Recent statistics are showing that email campaigns, newsletters, etc have had a major uptick on open rates since adopting emojis within subject lines or the email’s body. Although email was late in the emoji game it’s taken off in recent months with an over 7,000% increase compared to the previous year. That’s insane. Want to try a few emojis in an email to a customer or client? See if you can colorfully add one or more to your email signature or right in the subject line of an email. Don’t go crazy, just experiment with it and see what works by checking your open rates.

Conclusion and Advice

When marketing your small business, you’ll likely want to leverage emojis in your online content and even email campaigns. Try to ensure you have a safe app or keyboard setup on your mobile device where appropriate and leverage the Appboy infographic below on what emoji types make the most sense based on the medium or purpose. As a small business owner you should be leveraging emojis to improve your contents visibility and reactions.

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