Making a Case for an 8-Team College Football Playoff
Harrison Wier

The real issue with FBS right now is there are simply too many teams to choose from, and there are too many conferences. There needs to be fewer FBS teams. Once the number of teams is down to a more reasonable level, then the number of conferences can be reduced. 64 FBS teams is about the max that there can be for a successful playoff of 8 teams. Each of the 8 conferences will have 8 teams. Play everyone once from your conference. If a playoff game is needed to determine the conference champ, play that, or some other tiebreaker formula. Now there’s 8 teams playing for the title. 8 regular season games, 3 postseason games. 11 game season. My point is the FBS division must be made smaller and more exclusive. There are a lot of school that have no business being in FBS.

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