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Fantastic get for Toronto but honestly it’s not a bad deal for Orlando. Sure you would Luv to grab a top 10 pick in the 2017 Draft but None of those teams would Ever take Ibaka b/c they are also in a rebuild. Orlando made the decision to Tank & dumping Ibaka helps in that regard. Orlando should absolutely be able to get into that bottom 3 of League & that could net them a top 3 Lottery pick. I though it was smart to dump Oladipo b/c it clears space for Fournier. Sabonis is a decent young player but let’s get real 2016 was “The Ben Simmons Sweepstakes” & everyone else in that draft was a JAG (just a guy). JAG’s are often times very important players who start or play vital reserve roles but there was Only One potential Super Star in the 2016 Draft & Phila got him.

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