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Hinkie’s lack of understanding that he must build relationships w/ local media was puzzling b/c he did have a very clear plan that worked. When one steps back and takes into account what he started with the Sixers current windfall of young Star level talent & future Lottery picks is stunning. Colangelo was hired hastily by Sixers ownership b/c he was supposed to be a professional with these experience needed to repair the damage between the team the media & the public while Hinkie’s considerable assets developed behind the scenes.

Colangelo, by any honest assessment, has been an Epic Fail & it was an epic fail from the word go and I do not understand why anyone is surprised b/c Colangelo was nothing short of a disaster in Toronto. The radio interview that Gonzalez refers to in the story was 35 minutes of the most outrageous nonsense I may have ever heard from a team GM. Colangelo’s lies were so sloppy & so transparent one could not help but question his intelligence. What may have been most shocking is that Colangelo some nonsensical string of verbiage that was Clearly dishonest and then the radio show host would Call Colangelo on it that what he just said made no sense and Colangelo would become emotional that the host did not fall for his lie. For those of us who have children when your child is caught in a lie and they panic and become frustrated that you won’t believe the lie is the only way I can describe it.

At one point after yet another blatantly dishonest Colangelo soliloquy concerning Ben’s Simmons continued absence the radio host responded: “Bryan that just does not make any sense.” A frustrated Colangelo then Doubled Down by not so cleverly inferring that Sam Hinkie or someone from Sam Hinkie’s staff floated the rumor that Simmons agent wanted him shut down for the year. When the radio host called him on it Colangelo back peddled furiously.

And this was the pattern of Colangelo’s interview. Lie, lie & lie some more & if someone calls you on the lie throw either a player or staff under the bus. What is Most disturbing is this Lack of Leadership was the Theme of Colaneglo’s tenure in Toronto. I’ll give you an example.

The ridiculous HIPAA lie was in response to Colangelo being asked WHY if Embiid was injured in the Portland game would the Sixers then play him 2 games later for a National TV audience against Houston only to shut him down again immediately afterwards? Colangelo’s response was that the Sixers team Medical Staff green lighted Embiid for the Houston game b/c he was 100% healthy & only After the Houston game did the knee “flare up again.” Not even 24 hours later someone in the Sixers organization leaked to a local reporter that not only did the medical staff NOT give clearance to play Embiid they in fact told Colangelo after the Portland game that Embiid had a deep bone bruise & a partially torn Meniscus & at No time did they green light Embiid playing against Houston or any other game after the injury. How did Colangelo respond? He threw Embiid under the bus by saying Embiid talked his way into the game.

This is what Colangelo does. He deflects & blames his staff & players for any of his failures. Want proof? And this is where the HIPAA remarks sounds so ridiculous. The Raptors missed the 2009/10' season playoffs by a whisker when the Chicago Bulls caught them from behind & won the 8 seed in the final week of the regular season. Chris Bosh, who would leave for the Miami Heat that summer was seriously injured that year & missed many games. When Colangelo took heat (pardon the pun) for the Raptors failing Again to reach the playoffs, Colangelo marched over to 590 AM Toronto Sports Radio & unloaded on Bosh & the HIPAA law which was passed in 2002 did appear to matter much. Colangelo delivered chapter & verse Bosh’s injury & the Doctor’s diagnoses, treatment, recovery & even though Colangelo is Not a doctor he claimed that Bosh was 100% healthy for the last team’s final six games & decided not to play b/c he had already checked out mentally b/c he decided he was leaving for the Heat long ago & worse Colangelo claimed Bosh just was not tough enough to play for a little pain & it was Bosh who failed his teammates & was to blame for the missed playoff opportunity.

Feel free to google that b/c apparently No One in Sixers ownership did before they hired a guy with 18 years experience in management but could not get Any NBA job over the last 3 years. Even the Brooklyn Nets told the younger Colangelo “No Thanks” when he applied for their GM opening last season. The Sixers have a great deal of young talent. Embiid & Simmons could be super star level. Hinkie had faults but one thing is clear, the young players he drafted are Still incredibly loyal to him. Colangelo does not seem to inspire this level of loyalty & it’s hard to imagine that anyone whose default position when pressured is to throw the closest person under the bus to save himself. Philadelphia’s ownership should correct the Colangelo hiring mistake asap before this dumpster fire spreads & grows to not fixable proportions.