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I Luv this article — Fantastic work! Michael Jordan avg 10 FTA’s per game but could never find success in the playoffs against Great teams. He found the key to maximizing his gifts & that was to get his teammates involved, keep the game close & THEN take over in the last 5 min of the 4th qtr. Another great example of why Elite athletic explosiveness or 1st step penetration ability is So prized b/c it is the one skills that can’t be taken away late in a dog-fight playoff game where the ref’s have swallows their whistles.

Playoff Basketball is almost a different sport when compared to the regular season. It is a Fascinating Chess match b/c there is No one Right way to win but there ARE Maxims just like Napoleonic Maxims of War there are certain Do’s & Don’t in NBA Playoff Basketball.

Winning an NBA Championship IS the Most difficult Title to win in all of professional sports. So very few teams Ever win Championships b/c All the random variations are Squeezed out. You MUST have the very best player & if your team has the Very best player it’s like getting ahead in chess or starting with control of the center of the board b/c the opponent is Forever chasing & reacting. Meanwhile, the team w/ the Top talent is Dictating. This is why we almost Never see Game 7 road games won in the NBA Finals (or playoffs in general) & this is why the 2016 NBA Finals WAS the Greatest come-back in NBA History.

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