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Unfortunately this IS how the NBA works. There are So many ridiculously great players who never won a championship b/c Only the Very Best win Rings in the NBA. Cleveland & Golden State — Both of whom are Rebuilds gone Right — will dominate the landscape for the next 3–4 years & a team like Phila which is Insanely loaded Star level talent & Lottery picks owed to them by other teams (Lakers in 2018 & Kings in 2019) could Add a Top 3 pick in Each of the next 3 years to a team that Already has their #1, #2 & #3 options in place (Embiid, Simmons & Saric). Imagine adding Michael Porter or Markelle Fultz to THAT line up & in the West Minnesota will basically do the same exact thing — although I believe Simmons & Embiid are the best 2 young players on one team that we have seen since Shaq & Penny — it’s just a much better fit than Wiggins & KAT. But Minnesota Will figure it out & both teams will rise to assume the role of Dominant team. It’s just the way it is in the NBA.

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