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Love is someone who stays with you despite your worst sides,

who help you get back up when you fall,

who keep believing in you when no one else does.

Love is to give all this,
without expecting to have it back.

But not only to somebody else.

Love starts with yourself.


Originally appeared on Thomas Despin’s blog.

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Here’s why most people are disabled,
without even knowing it.

If you lose an arm, or a leg, or the sight, you can’t ignore the difference it makes in your life.

You lose some ability, and you know it.

It’s hard to deny that you can’t see anymore.

But most people suffer from a totally different kind of disability.

Their ego.

People’s ego is a hidden handicap, which prevents oneself from even being aware of it.

“I don’t have an ego problem”, is what you say… when you have an ego problem.

Ego is one of the sneakiest disabilities.

Because when you suffer the most from it,
is when you are the least aware of it. …

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People ask this all the time.

Buka Buka Island is uninhabited, in this way that nobody has a permanent residency there.

And there is no village established on the island.

But Bajau people has been living on and off there to farm coconuts, which is the main source of income of locals here.

So when you come, you can meet with them and see how they make copra on the island.

As part of our contribution to the local community, there are a few things we aim to help with:

1) Giving jobs to them so they get extra income than farming coconuts (which is hard work and low paid). …

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Snakes used to make me freak out.

I thought they were vicious aggressive creatures waiting for me to fall asleep and bite me in my own bed.

It makes zero sense when you confront this to reality, but fears aren’t here to make sense.

When I arrived in Bali, I heard of a crazy called Rex Sumner, who has an obsession for snakes (besides being a great story teller and a wise man).

Everybody knows him as the person to call in case of a snake issue.

As I consumed his content on social media and read more about snakes, and how he loves them, I went from phobic to curious (yet still scared). …

You’re neither the best, or the worst,
The smartest or the dumbest,
The richest, or the poorest,
The most beautiful, or the ugliest,
The happiest, or the most depressed.

You, and everybody else, are somewhere, in between extremes, and never exactly average.

And it’s how things should be.

Extremes, regardless how socially validated, are rarely sane or healthy.

Extremes are like obsessions and addictions, they should always be avoided.

Addiction to fitness is worse than having an average body.

Addiction to money is worse than being broke.

Addiction to success is worse than living an average life.

But nobody would admit it. …

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Life will throw all sort of things at you.

Some, you can do something about.
Some, you can’t.

Your task is simple (but not easy).

If you can do something about it, do it.
If you can’t, accept it.

Wasting time and energy solving something you can’t do anything about.

That’s where pain and frustration come from.


Originally appeared on Thomas Despin’s blog.

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We like to put things in boxes.

One thing is either good or bad.
One person is happy or sad.
One food is healthy or junk.

We use boxes to process informations quicker.

Who has time to analyse the composition of every single food before cooking?

It takes energy to assess each variable of each thing in life.

But when you do take the time to throw the boxes away,

When you look into the variables, the subtleties, the details,

Then you start to gain knowledge, awareness and control.

You realize that everything is gray.

One thing can be good for you and bad for someone else. …

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In general, we should all try to make the difference between:

Self confidence and self entitlement,

Self love and selfishness,

Assertiveness and being a dick,

Power and control,

Wealth and money,

Positivity and delusion,

Negativity and challenges,

Loving someone and loving how they make us feel,

Freedom and inability to commit,

Doing the right thing and doing what feels right,

Being happy and being high,

Spirituality and righteousness,

Being productive and being busy,

Skill and luck,

Results and effort,

Simple and easy,

Facts and opinion,

Truth and familiarity,

Being alone and being lonely,

Being supported and being surrounded,

Importance and emergency,

Believability and reputation,

Being active and being agitated,

Being still and being passive,

Love and desire,

Acceptation and resignation,

Hope and denial,

Enough and more,

Smart work and hard work,

Helping out and patronizing.


Originally appeared on Thomas Despin’s blog.

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I have been hearing of “musim barat” (west season, happening 2 months per year here in Central Sulawesi) for a long time, without really understanding how bad it was.

We experienced the first episode last night with a legit storm, and today with huge waves challenging our highest tide line.

My first reaction was “oh, we’re fucked”.

But I remembered we’re living on the island with people who are born here, and I am in touch with resort owners in the region who have seen way worse.

I experience the wave season for the first time, but I can benefit from the experience of dozens of people who experienced it for decades. …

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Some days, I like to see myself as a decent executor.

But really, most of the time, I need to admit that I am pretty lame.

Especially when comes the boring unexciting tasks.

The administrative stuff.
The things I know I have to do but I keep procrastinating on it.
Even the things I am exciting about but never start doing.

To be fair, my days are pretty full, and developing a remote island from scratch implies a ton of decision making, and time consuming tasks.

But I do have time.

I just don’t take the time for some important tasks that would make a significant impact on my business. …


Thomas Despin 🏝

Featured on, Yahoo! & WIRED. I develop Reconnect, an ecoresort on a private island in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia —

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