A Second Home

After 8 months living in the Hustlers Villa, working from there, and working on it at the same time, I decided to move.

– As a human being, I want to experiment a new work/life balance
– As an entrepreneur, I want to free my room in the Hustlers Villa to match the demand
– As a couple, we felt a need for more privacy, for our own whole sacred place

We moved in a small village in Ubud, 5min from the Hustlers Villa.

And the plan is to spend the day time at the villa, and the night time in the house.

This morning, Wulan asked me if I wanted to help to do the offerings and pray to bless the place.

For those who are not familiar with Bali, houses include temples, representing different Dewa (i.e. representations of god).

When moving into a new house, we ask the permission to live in, and do offerings for the Dewa protecting the house.

I am not Hindu, however, living with a Balinese woman teaches me a lot about the culture and traditions.

Why did I follow the prayer, even as an agnostic?

Because I believe that what we project mentally comes back to us and set our mind.

Whether it’s religious or not.

Closing your eyes and focusing on being grateful/thankful is very likely to put you in a state of gratefulness/thankfulness.

Regardless if you pray for a particular God, or not.

The ceremony, the clothes, the flowers, the incense, the gestures and the mantra,

are, for me, part of a ritual that participates in being in the right mindset to pray and meditate.