Ready to crush it in 2018? My year 2017 in 54 lessons!

2018 will start in a few days, and it’s time for me to learn the lessons from 2017, the richest year I have ever lived so far.

During the past year, I consistently wrote the mistakes, progresses and lessons I learned on a daily and weekly basis.

Here are 54 thoughts and lessons I wrote down for myself for the 54 weeks of 2017.

Today, I want to share them with you.

Every day has been a chance to learn something new, and I tried to compile every week what was the most important lesson for me.

I hope you guys will enjoy reading it,

Feel free to share your own 2017 lessons and learnings in the comment so everyone can benefit from it!

Love you ❤

1. Solving problems instead of complaining

— It usually takes the same amount of energy/attention to solve a problem versus complaining about it. Moreover, once it’s solved, it’s solved.

When you complain about it, the problem still exist and take more of your energy during the next days.

2. Luck is a thing

— It’s easy for our ego to think all of our successes are the result of how great/hard we worked, but it’s wrong.

Luck is a thing, and it helps people who keep taking action by giving them more opportunities.

3. Spirituality is more AND less than what you think

— If you want to become more spiritual by meditating or doing yoga, you already failed in doing so. 
 — Spirituality is a (personal) way, not an end. We are all spiritual by definition at some degree.

4. Happiness is not to be pursued.

It’s something you can create on purpose for yourself NOW. Happiness is NOT a goal, it’s a mindset.

5. It’s fine to feel negative emotions.

The greatest people on the planet also feel negative emotions. The difference between average and great is how we handle those emotions and respond to them.

6. 1% Better

— The only thing that matters regarding how I improve is to do at least one thing today 1% better than yesterday.

And to do one thing tomorrow better than today (Kaizen philosophy).

7. I don’t need anything more than what I already have.

— I can make money from my laptop
 — I have a notebook to write my thoughts in it
 — I have the basic legal documents to travel where I want to

There is literally nothing more I need to have with me on a daily basis.

8. Labelling people (based on what they do to make money) is dumb.

— “Oh, you’re an entrepreneur? You’re a traveler? Oh, if you are both then you are a digital nomad, right?”

Just stop labelling people. What we can do with our life goes WAY beyond those labels. And if we use those boxes, we directly limit the reach of our thoughts and what is possible.

9. The world is way greater today than before

— Yes, there is millions of shitty things happening everywhere. But let’s ask our grandparents how life was when they were our age to get some perspective about life today compared to 50–60 years ago.

We live in the most wonderful time EVER, and yes, there is still a shit load of things to do to make it even better. That’s the focus each one of us should have.

10. Money is very useful as a tool,

but it’s also boring as fuck to have as a main goal.

11. It’s fine to be different than others or what society standards say.

— You won’t ever become yourself if you try to fit in the same mould as billions of people.

12. The best friends I have are not the one that ask for my time and attention every single day.

They are the one that call me once in months and who I can share stories with about how far we have come, and how far we still want to go from now.

13. Writing and thinking are my fundamental activities.

It’s where I come back to when all the rest collapsed.

14. Being more sensitive than average is a blessing.

— I should not try to block emotions, but embrace them and feel them inside to use them as a drive for practical actions.

15. The more you give love, the more you get love in return.

— Love is the only ressource you can give back every day and you will still end up with more than what you had in the beginning.

16. Expectations often ruin everything

— If what happens doesn’t match your expectations, you are disappointed
 — If what happens matches your expectations, well, you already expected it, so you are usually barely satisfied anyway.

17. 99% of the time, planning is boring.

— I am genuinely excited about solving problems and finding solutions at the last minute as it uses more of my mental ressources in a short amount of time and make me feel more stimulated.

18. Eating more living food makes me feel better

19. Knowing what you DON’T want is as important as knowing what you actually want.

20. Time > Money

21. Attention > Time

22. Good or bad is a matter of perspective.

— Even some of the biggest criminals (Al Capone, Pablo Escobar…) were convinced they were doing the right thing.

Understanding what the perspective of the other is is primordial.

23. We already have all of the answers deep within.

— What we usually lack is the right questions to access those answers.

24. Distraction is to focus what sugar is to healthy food.

— It’s the easy default trap we fall into when we lose our drive

25. Whatever how you make money, be sure to keep in mind why you make it, how you make it and how much you want.

— I will reach $1,000,000 saved by the end of 2018 and use part of it to build my first house, and reinvest the rest. I will make it by growing my own brand and investing in crypto currencies and stocks

26. People can be the best and the worst way to invest time, depending how it’s done

— Nothing is more valuable to me than having a positive impact in someone’s life
 — Nothing is more useless than trying to help someone who don’t really want to improve

27. Saying NO sometimes bring more positive results than saying YES.

— It helps keeping the focus up to what really matters instead of trying to jump on each and every opportunity

28. Consistency and hard/smart work always pay off in the end of the day.

— No one you know became successful by keeping his hand in his pocket

29. You are what you do and what you think.

— Do you want to change who you are? Change what you do and what you think.

30. You don’t owe anything to anyone. No one owes you anything.

— You owe to yourself to be and do the greatest you can.

31. You don’t have to feel guilty for anything or anyone, and you shouldn’t expect anyone to feel guilty either.

— Feeling guilty is sterile and useless.

32. You will not bring any significant improvement in this world if you don’t start with creating significant improvements for yourself first.

33. Suffering will make you grow most of the time.

— But you don’t have to suffer to grow.

34. There is no point in being obsessed with living longer

— You can do way more in 10 years than in 100 years if you focus on the right things.

35. Alcohol, cigarette, junk food, parties, media and TV are some of the best ways to waste your time, energy and money.

36. If you want to do better than the masses, start with stop doing what the masses do.

37. Being alone is a blessing.

— It’s a chance to find focus, inner reconnection and deeper thinking.

38. Everything I have ever accomplished, I wrote it first thing in a notebook.

39. If you don’t know what to do, do something anyway.

— Action leads to results, and results can be analyzed to take better action afterward. There is not much to analyze in nothingness.

40. When too much is happening, just do nothing.

— If you feel overwhelmed, just turn everything off right away and observe the situation with deeper perspective.

The world is not going to end tomorrow if you take a few hours today to find yourself back on the GPS of your life.

41. Be grateful.

— it’s free and make everyone feel great.

42. There is a lesson to learn in ANYTHING that happens to you.

— learn how to discover it and apply it right away to your life.

43. Don’t tell people they are wrong, offer them a different perspective instead and ask them if they would accept to consider it.

44. It’s fucking 2018 soon, you can learn ANYTHING by typing it on Google and spending time and energy researching. And it’s free.

45. Karma is a thing.

— Don’t overthink it though, and just do what you deeply think is right for yourself and the world.

46. Different action + Different mindset = Different result

— Apply this whenever you are stuck. Change the action, or change the mindset and you will change the end result.

47. It’s better to be wrong and to know why than being right and ignore how come.

48. You are not Gary Vaynerchuk (or anyone else you admire).

— Get what you want from his content, understand it, and apply it to your own things.

49. Everyone you meet has greatness within them.

— Learn how to discover it and appreciate their very own way to be awesome

50. You are not entitled to anything just because you parents had sex one day to create you.

— Hustle your own way from zero to the top.

51. You can decide to play it all-in with the few good cards you have in your hand (and win), or keep dwelling about the bad ones you got (and lose).

52. Don’t pretend.

— No one gives a shit anyway.

53. Don’t EVER trade your freedom for money.

— Actually, don’t trade your freedom for anything.

54. Share what you learn and discover out of life with others around you!

— You never know who you can positively impact by doing so.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and wish you all a wonderful year 2018.

May you find yourself and keep following your own path.

Keep doing you :)