STARTUP HOUSE BUDAPEST — Why we’ll make it happen. With or without you.

It’s 2015 guys. Everything is moving faster than ever. And we were aware of that when we started to work on SHB with Théau Ravier to support our own project ONE STARTUP A DAY (OSAD). But actually, things move even faster than what we expected for us!

Here’s why.

We built SHB in order to offer 15 other people to join us in an awesome appartment in Budapest during 4 weeks. These people will work hard and make incredible things happen day by day — From 28/11/2015 to 24/12/2015.

They are startupers, developers, designers, freelancers, whatevers.. And they want to join a group of over motivated and determined people!

What for? To be part of the momentum and push things harder in 1 month than what they did in 1 year before.

That’s our goal.

The 6 first guys in the house! In a few hours, 6 more participants will also be onboard: (and we also avec girls in the house, just so you know.. :D)

What happened?

A few days ago, I asked to Théau: “Are you sure we will be able to find enough people to fill the house, man?”

He replied: “Of course not. But I’m sure that we will make OSAD happen with or without the other guys. Even if I have to pay for the apartment myself. This is our fucking momentum. And it will happen. For sure.”

“OMG. You got it man! Let me re-learn how to code. Let me push a medium post. I know how to do. Give me 4 hours. See ya!”

Long version short. I’ve put the best Tame Impala’s songs (thanks Louison Dumont). And I turned them loud. Really loud.

I rebuilt the SHB website. And I didn’t do it in order to convince more people to join us in the house. I decided to go selfish and I did the best website ever to convince… myself to join the project.

I don’t want to waste more time bragging about that shit. It’s just another bootstrap website. I just love it. And after I built it I wanted to apply to my own event.

And guess what? It was exactly the same for Théau Ravier.

This is just another bootstrap website. But I fucking want to apply!

After just 2 days online, a medium post and just some shares on facebook, I received this e-mail from Théau, saying: “OMG man, what happened?! Where do these 50+ applications come from? Dammit. We should hire an assistant to take care about all of them. Haha. Let’s call soon. Good job!”.

I have to admit that I was as surprised as him. But who cares. We wanted to enjoy a great month with 15 cool guys and 50 wanted to join us.

And 24h later…

We accepted the payment for 8 of those guys. Let’s say, 499€ for a whole month in such a cool apartment with :

  • Accomodation
  • Business Wifi
  • Coffee & Beers included
  • Meetups every morning
  • A unicorn plushie (the most important, c’mon)

It’s just a ridiculous price (actually it’s the price I paid for my 20 square meters studio in France. Without the electricity. Take it deep.)

But our goal is not to make money out of it. We just want to live it.

Do you fancy a coffee? Let’s brainstorm about your idea!

So, here we are!

Today, we decided to keep only the most motivated people ever. And we want to have people who are able to take quick decision in the house.

That’s why we chose to close the application stage… on sunday!

Oh well, after that it will still be possible to apply, but the price won’t be 499€ but 699€.

I told you. We want to share this month with motivated people. And if you are not able to take an easy decision like this one. If you have to ask your mother/friends/girlfriend/parents…

Well, you can’t still follow the project on our Medium Publication. Or you can join the next one.

But who know where and when it will happen :)

by Thomas DESPIN ,
from Riga with love.