One of the greatest sunrise I saw when I camped close to the Baltic sea in the north of Germany —

The Greatest Moments I Lived While Going Around the World by Bike

Can you share some pictures? Are you going to make videos of your journey? How come you write only in french? Do you plan to write more articles? Where are you at the moment?

I’m asked one of those questions every single day by different kind of people (family, friends, sponsors, followers, people I meet, strangers, etc.).

I felt some pressure in the beginning of the journey (April 2015) about sharing what I was living. Like, really. What? How? When? Why?

One of my first day cycling in Danmark.

I mean, I really love sharing about what I live, but I also realized that traveling by bike — the most fulfilling way of traveling I experienced so far — is something really intense, and it takes all of your attention and your heart.

It took 9 months for me to find the best ways — for me — to share my story, the story of people I meet, but also my thoughts and learnings.


I definitely abandoned my own website and decided to focus on Medium to write about what I live. It’s just easy, beautiful and social. What else should I need?

You can read my articles by following me.

And I have also created different publications so you can only follow my side projects if you want to:

52in16 — The Weekly Challenge 
Startup House World


It took me such a long time before deciding to start a vlog and share some pieces of my journey with videos.

I had a huge bunch of excuses, but the main ones were about my skills and the time needed to shoot and edit cool videos.

All of these excuses had been kicked away one week ago, when I decided to challenge myself by publishing one article and one video per day during 7 days.

From now on, I’ll post all of my videos on my Youtube channel, which you can join in 2sec by clicking on this link.


From the beginning, I have posted all of my pictures whether on Instagram or on Facebook (and sometimes both).

It’s cool, especially because 14k people are following me on Instagram. But you can’t (or shouldn’t) share whole albums on Instagram (country by country for example).

And I really, REALLY don’t want to start learning to use another social media right now.

That’s why I just took the decision to share the best moments I lived in each country in separated medium articles (I will maybe create a dedicated publication).

The first one will be about the really beginning of the journey by bike, when I was in Spain, up to Barcelona and along the Costa Brava.

I will post it tomorrow and share the links of all these articles right here.

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This article is the fourth in a serie of seven articles I’m writing during the Hell Week. A week in which I wake up at 6am, write one article and publish one video per day. Learn more about this challenge here!