East Coast of Florida, north of Miami Beach (A1A)

To Every Single Person I’ve Met on The Road

My hands are dirty, my eyes are sleepy
My whole body craves a shower, but my heart shines as never before.

You have smiled or waved at me while I was passing by,
You have bought me a drink or some food after we talked,
You have hosted me and/or given me some money to help me,

Whatever you did for me with the will to help me pursuing my project, you touched me and you changed me in a way or another.

This is Bryan, who hosted me in Wellington with his wife Andrea.

I write this for those who asked me to stop on the road to talk to me, take a picture of my bike, and/or help me as they could.
I have to tell you that it’s not about the amount of money or the size of the room you gave me for the night. It’s about being supported by people who don’t even know me.

I write this for those who just smiled or waved when they saw my bike with all my stuff on it and who wished me good luck for the rest of my journey.
I have to tell you that it’s not about how beautiful was your smile or the words you used. It’s about being encouraged by people who meet me for the first time.

I also write this for this homeless guy I met yesterday in a park after he just went out of 2 months in jail (for trespassing). He is 57 years old, now walking to Michigan to see his grandsons. And after he refused me to give him some food, his main worry was just to show me the best spot to sleep for the night. The only thing I could do for him was to give him my bivvy bag so he is a bit less cold.

When you ask me how I fund the project, I usually say that I find ways to make money on the road.
When you ask me where I sleep, I usually say that I’ll find a place to pitch my tent.
When you ask me if I’m hungry, I usually say that I have what I need to cook for myself.

And still you decide to help me anyway, whatever I say.

I may have been super lucky for the last ten months, or maybe the world is not as bad as we pretend it to be. But whenever I met someone on the road, I have always been given a helping hand more than a cold shoulder.

To every single person I’ve met on the road,
Thank you.

Written from my tent in Flagler Beach, FL.