If You’re A Democrat Who Won’t Vote For Hillary, Then…Ugh, You Know What, Never Mind
Brian Firenzi

Lmao this is such a shitty article. If you put anything original thought into why the media portrays Trump as the worst candidate you’d find the bee-line back to Clinton’s corporate pocket books. Did you ever consider that all her supporters are also extremely wealthy, people who, magnificently enough, are all rooting for her? I’m begging the question because she most definitely is going to cater to them if she does become POTUS. I can see the headline coming “CLINTON—TAX BREAK FOR THE 1%!”.

Fuck that. I’d much prefer a non-trump and non-hillary candidate, but between the two people, Hillary isn’t in any way good. You’re trying to paint the lily mate.

Also, this article is entirely superficial, you said “… you’re willing to let a confirmed fascist / accused rapist / flagrant racist” blah blah blah. If everyone called me by the insults other people threw at you’d think I’m the worst person—without putting a second original thought into the process.

You’re writing with Ad hoc fallacies left and right. Are you too afraid to confront trump without insults, and use fact and logical argument that isn’t rooted in emotional appeal?

Saying “accused rapist” is where you went to far, that shit was unsubstantiated. If I told you I’ve been to space, you’d probably like to fact check me. Saying otherwise is partial delusional.