As a survivor of child abuse and molestation, it bothers me to no end when people automatically…

Dear Robyn,

Thank you for your response. I know that there are far, far too many people who have gone through this kind of trauma and never told anyone. At all. Ever. And the arrogance of the academics dealing with pathetically incomplete data or anyone else dealing with these issues professionally and thinks they “know” what’s going on out there is vile and outrageous. We KNOW that over 70% of adults who were sexually abused as children never told anyone. Not parents, not teachers, not police officers, not girlfriends or boyfriends — NOBODY.

And people still insist they know what they’re talking about — and then blab on about something they know nothing about. And the people like you have to listen to, or at least hear about the opinion based opinions of the “experts.” And that’s just the experts. God help us when it comes to “opinion makers” the media, politicians, and some clergy who should not be clergy.

I am sorry, Robyn, for what you must have gone through, but I salute your strength and resilience for refusing to concede your life to those who least deserve it. I hope you have found or will find peace of mind and heart.

All the best to you and thank you again.

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