You are so right.
Patrice Flesch

Patrice, I am so sorry you had to go through that period of torturous pain — and I don’t exaggerate with words, especially words like torture. Unfortunately, as you well know, torture is exactly what far too many innocent people are going through due to cowardice, stupidity, ignorance, and greed of too many who, as you suggested, are very unlikely to find themselves in the same situation. When in fact that is exactly what needs to happen every time an innocent is put in that position — those responsible should have to go through the same experience. Then I imagine things would change. Quickly.

However, I am thrilled that surgery took care of your problem. My suggestion is to find a good physical therapist — good because there are all kinds, but the good ones are golden — who will know more and be better at helping you than the MDs — or the nurses and PAs who you are more likely to see. Good luck Patrice, and thank you for your comment.