First night on the beach in Florida. Is it forbidden to spend the night on the beach? Probably. But it’s possible :)

Don’t Fake Your Mission. Don’t Kill The Passion.

Is What I Live Worth Sharing?

I asked this question to myself millions of times during the first months of my world tour by bike. Today, I think it’s (one of) the shittiest question ever.

“After all, I’m far from being the first one nor the only one to do what I do. A lot of people are traveling around the world by bike, and they’re not sharing anything on internet.” — I said to myself. Blah.

Wait but why?

Do I want to invest a lot of time to share what I live? Why should I share what I live? Is anyone gonna be interested in my story? How to share it? How often? Are people going to think I’m just bragging about my way of living? If I share my story, what kind of medias am I going to use?

I was used to ask dozens of questions to myself about content sharing while I was preparing this journey.

We live in a time when everyone is able to share any kind of content, at any time, about any topic.

It’s something huge, really impressive and it’s also a bit disturbing (for me).

View from my tent, close to Palm Beach in Florida —

Most of the people feel like it’s worth sharing pieces of their life to their friends (do they even think about it?). Is it just a fad, or is it how human beings are evolving?

As everyone can share whatever they want today, I thought it was important for me to focus on “why” I would like to share my story, prior to any other questions.

Do I want to grow an audience? To find sponsors? To inspire people? To show an alternative way of living? To brag and get more girls? To fulfill my ego? To make money? To spread a message? To entertain people? To prove something to myself?

There are a lot of reasons why you’d like to share your story. And I thought it was really worth taking the time to think about it.

Wait but how?

Then I was thinking about the kind of medias. I love writing, so I decided to write articles (hello Medium). I love taking pictures, so I decided to post some on Instagram. Cool.

Instagram is the media where I’m the most followed. Not my favorite one so far btw.

But as I was seeing things in this simple way, some people told me: “You should think about who you want to reach before anything else. Then you’ll find how to reach them. And then you should stick to this way of sharing content for the whole project.”

Well, it made sense. But I had no idea about that before. So everything just turned into sharing things with a deep purpose instead of “because I truly love doing this”.

When you start such a project, every single person you meet will ask you things like:
- What made you come up with this idea? 
- What do you want to achieve?
- How can you fund this project?
- What do you want to do after?
- Why don’t you do *X or Y or Z*?

And it’s fair enough. I mean, I like the fact that people are curious about what I do when they see me — with my tank-bike. 
I like that they are super helpful and offer me some food or a place to stay sometimes. And I like answering those questions. Most of the time.

But the important thing is that nothing should be set in stone. And when you have to always reply to the same questions, you end up by always giving the same answers. Even if you see things in a different way from the beginning.

It’s the same with content sharing.

— Sometimes I was a bit lost and not enjoying fully what I lived. Guess why. I was mostly doing things because I felt like people were expecting this from me and my project, not because I truly wanted to do them.

This is how to fake your mission. This is how to kill the passion

No one ever explicitly told me to do this or that. It was kind of a passive pressure I felt because I said in the beginning that my project was to “cycle around the world to meet startups and share their story to inspire people” (what a tagline huh?).

What if you change your mind? What if you adjust your mission? What if you decide to focus on the passion instead of what people expect from you? This is when magic happens. Sometimes.

This is just a cool snowman welcoming me in Fort Lauderdale.

Wait but is what I live worth sharing?

Whatever you decide to share, people aren’t you. People don’t live what you live. People don’t feel what you feel. People don’t see what you see.

If you said A in the beginning and it appears that B is what makes you more passionate/fulfilled/happy. Just do B. Who cares?

Sharing what you live should NEVER be done because you fill like you have to do it.

With some hindsight, I realize now how important it is to be 100% focus on what really passionates you.

Magic happens when you are fully dedicated to something. When you don’t have to tell about your mission and your passion because everyone feel it when they see you. Whatever the mission is.

I don’t care anymore about how or why I should or shouldn’t share what I live.

After 10 months on the road, I reached a really sweet point:

  • I’m not worried about money because I know how to make some on the road just from my computer. I know how to live with just a couple of bucks a day. Moreover startup CEO recently told me that his company decided to partly fund me (I’ll tell you more about them soon)
  • I don’t focus on growing an audience, about reaching the right people, about sharing the right content at the right moment nor about what people are going to think about what I’m saying. If I just want to put a picture of a weird bird walking right below this paragraph because I think it’s cool, I will. I think I should share whatever I really want to share because I think it’s meaningful/interesting/fun. Not to fulfill one’s desire.
  • This journey taught me how to see over the basic needs. There is a large ocean of possible things that you can’t see when you are over focused on filling your basic needs — or what you think are your basic needs. When you see over it, it’s fulfilling, but also a bit scaring, because it also means that you take the whole responsibility of what you do out of your life. Let’s call this real freedom.
See? It’s me when I don’t give a shit about sharing non related picture :-)

Wait but what about vlogging?

Vlogging is like blogging but with videos (video blog). It’s a way of sharing things with pictures, sound and text. And it’s also a way to put the story at the really center of the content.

It’s not about doing fancy footages, about having great editing skills or so. You “just” have to tell people a story by showing things you are living.

I just got really passionate about this way of sharing content a few weeks ago. It’s totally new for me and really accurate with what I’m living.

Something interesting is happening? Press “On”, and it’s recording. It sounds easy as it. The challenge is to manage to tell a great story and say things in a way of keeping the interest of the viewer.

Playing with music, pictures and text is really challenging, and I really love starting this challenge from the bottom of the scale. This is what passionates me since I arrived in USA.

I want to get enough skills in story telling for the moment when I’ll meet the first startups, in NYC.

If you want to see how it looks, I’m posting a new video each week right here!

Wait but so what?

So this is just meant to be a self reminder. It’s easy to get lost sometimes and to lose sight of your passion.

Whenever it happens, I think we should remember how powerful and grateful it feels to be passionate. How everything is actually possible, and how it is to feel driven and heartful. And get back to it.

This is why I’m taking some time to write this down. This is why I write every single day in my notepad and keep track of what I live and how I feel while living it.

This is where I wrote this article from. Did you talk about digital nomadism?

Please, don’t share this article unless you really agree with what’s inside.

If you like vlogging, I’d be super grateful to see your videos and to have some feedback from you about mines.

Don’t Fake Your Mission. Don’t Kill The Passion.

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Cheers from Oak Hills, Florida.

This is how I scare alligators.
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