We are launching the Early Adopter Club to give our LT Fan Platform to all professional sports clubs and athletes.

Recently we announced the launch of LT Fan Platform, our fan community solution that powers Borussia Dortmund’s BVB-FanToken App and Dennis Schröders upcoming platform.

What is LT Fan Platform?

In case you missed our earlier posts, let’s recap briefly. Here’s an excerpt from the article I wrote to explain our Fan Platform and the thinking that went into its development when we launched:

A guide to understanding how Tokenization and Blockchain can be leveraged in the world of professional sports

Are you working in the sports industry and curious about tokenization and blockchain? Then you made it to the right place. Whether you are running or working for a sports club, managing or representing (or are yourself) a professional athlete, or working for a professional league, this guide is for you.

During the last few years, I mainly worked in the blockchain space. Early this year, I started to focus on tokenization in professional sports (and launched Liquiditeam with a few great people). …

Los Angeles Lakers starting point guard Dennis Schröder teams up with Liquiditeam to launch blockchain-based fan community

Today is an exciting day for athlete and player empowerment as we can finally announce that Dennis Schröder of the LA Lakers is going to be the first individual athlete who will use our LT Fan Platform to create a new digital home for his global fan base.

Dennis will be launching his customized fan community on our blockchain-powered platform to create an engaging experience for his fans. The app is slated to launch before the start of the NBA Playoffs and will be free to access for all fans.

By integrating our technology, Dennis’s fans will have numerous opportunities…

Custom tokenized communities for professional sports clubs and athletes

Today, we are launching the BVB-FanToken App together with Bundesliga top club Borussia Dortmund. During the Early Access Phase that begins now, interested users can register and will be unlocked on a rolling basis.

Here’s an excerpt from our joint press release:

We partnered with BVB to create an exciting sports tokenization experience for fans across the globe.

Today is an exciting day for our company. As our friends at BVB and SPORTFIVE announced today in a joint announcement, we have partnered with Borussia Dortmund, one of the most beloved football (=) clubs in the world.

Photo by Benjamin Ranger on Unsplash

Holy Tisch Virtuell #1: Livestream mit Ingmar “Hofhuhn” Jaschok und Vincent Fricke am 03. April

Und plötzlich lebten wir in einer neuen Welt. Seitdem der neue Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 die Welt erfasst hat, scheint nichts mehr, wie es war. Wir alle sind mit dieser neuen Situation konfrontiert. So natürlich auch all jene Menschen, die professionell mit Essen zu tun haben— und damit die Holy-Tisch-Community. Sie müssen nun Wege finden, um mit der Situation umzugehen und ganz neue Strategien für sich und ihre Unternehmen entwickeln.

Einladung zum Liveststream mit virtuellem Erfahrungs- und Ideenaustausch.

Mit Holy Tisch Virtuell wollen wir in den kommenden Wochen mit digitalen Formaten experimentieren, die unserer Community mit Information und als Austauschplattform dienen.

Zum Auftakt befassen wir uns im ersten Holy…

Why we decided to roll out an educational series for sports executives and professionals.

Today we are launching our new webinar and workshop program that tackles the wide-ranging subject of tokenization in the sports industry. With it, we want to help decision-makers and professionals in sports to develop a solid understanding of the possibilities and challenges that tokenization brings to their industry.

It’s a hot topic in the sports world right now. Case in point: look at some of the news from this month only: Paris Saint-Germain launched its own crypto token; the Lancashire Cricket Club announced a blockchain-based ticketing system; FanWide now integrates FanChain Tokens into their viewing party experiences. And that’s only…

Holy Tisch launches Call-for-Contributions. Become a Part of Munich’s Future Food Convention.

As long as humans exist, we will feed ourselves. That’s for sure. However, it is also certain that the How and What of eating will have to change drastically in the future.

The great challenges of mankind are also challenges for the food system — from climate change…

Holy Tisch startet den Call-for-Contributions. Sei dabei auf der Future Food Convention in München.

Solange es den Menschen gibt, wird er sich ernähren. Das ist sicher. Sicher ist allerdings auch, dass sich das Wie und Was des Essens in Zukunft massiv verändern wird… und .

Denn die großen Herausforderungen der Menschheit sind auch Herausforderungen für das on Klimawandel bis Bevölkerungsexplosion. Es ist klar, dass…

Infographic by Liquiditeam. Background photo by Nicholas Green on Unsplash

Why sport is an ecosystem tailormade for blockchain-based innovation.

The realm of professional sports lends itself perfectly to an innovative approach to distributing rights and incentivizing desirable actions: tokenization.

Toke… what?

Glad you asked. is a concept that became popularized in the world of blockchain, crypto assets, and decentralized networks. It describes the act of representing all kinds of rights in the form of a digital, unique and cryptographically secured token. On an elementary level, we are talking about the certification of rights in a digital way rather than, say, in paper documents.

To understand why that is interesting, let’s look at the kind of rights that may (theoretically) be…

Thomas Euler

At the intersection of tech, crypto & sports. Tokenizing professional sports as @ Liquiditeam cofounder. Also: cofounder @ Untitled INC. www.thomaseuler.de

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