Improving Refind’s comments

Refind, I love that you added the highlight feature. I’m still looking for an integrated solution that does everything from highlights to annotations and bookmarking (I’m currently using, each for different purposes but all related to organizing content: Refind, Highly, diigo, Hypothesis, Pocket, Evernote, Instapaper and Medium highlights).

However, the usability is… let’s just say it can be improved by a lot ;) Please take a look at how some of the former services (diigo and Highly in particular) implemented the feature. There, you don’t have to go to the top of your browser and(!) click on “+save” before I can, eventually, do what I want — that is: create my highlight.

I almost wrote to complain that I didn’t have the feature because I didn’t see the “save highlight” option when marking text on the site and clicking the extension icon. That’s where I expected it to be from your description above. And even that wouldn’t have been sleek. The extra click is just extremely annoying. Particularly when you tend to use highlights a lot.

I hope that helps with improving the feature! Because, once implemented correctly, it’s a really good addition to Refind.

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