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With global warming the land is warming faster than the oceans. Seems to me that one needs to have hotter seawater evaporating. Trouble with a hot summer and fairly cold sea is that hot air meeting a colder sea causes cooling of the air, which can make the air saturated and saturated air cannot have a net uptake of vapour, so evaporation into the air is low. Clouds absorb thermal infrared and so I presume sea spray will also. So if one puts black objects (that heat up in the sun) in the sea spray the spray will absorb the thermal infrared radiation from the hot objects and will evaporate. Sea spray will also evaporate by having contact with hot these objects. Black netting hung in the spray should do the trick, because this will get hot and radiate thermal infrared. Sunlight itself has almost no thermal infrared in, but does radiate infrared of a higher frequency. My Planck’s formula integration tells me that about 0.51% (less than 1%) of solar radiation is thermal infrared (5 to 20 microns in wavelength) radiation. On the other hand a blackbody having a temperature of 40 deg C has about 74.2% of its radiated energy in the 5 to 20 micron range.

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