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“a perennial six-loss team and a fringe bowl contender”

Does the author have any understanding of college football history?

Washington has won 15 Pac-10championships, seven Rose Bowls, and four national championships recognized by the NCAA.[3][4] Washington’s all-time record of 702–440–50 ranks 19th by all-time winning percentage and 22nd by all-time victories.[5] The team has two of the nation’s longest winning streaks, including an NCAA second-best of 40 wins in a row, holds the Division I-A unbeaten record at 64 consecutive games,[6] and has had a total of twelve unbeaten seasons, including seven perfect seasons.[7] Washington is one of four charter members of what became the Pac-12 Conference and one of only two schools with uninterrupted membership.[8] From 1977 through 2003, Washington had 27 consecutive non-losing seasons — the most of any team in the Pac-12 and the 14th longest streak by an NCAA Division I-A team.[9]