My Most Romantic Movies..There’s 11 on This List

Hello folks, it’s a little passed half way through February, so it’s about that time to dig into my most romantic films ever to be created for the eye. These are in no particular order. I’m just listing 11 movies that should be on this list. Here we go.

Schindler’s List: As far as date movies go, this and maybe the next one I will put on this list should be at the top. I think this movie represents how to give your date an incredible feeling of warmth. This movie is considering an all time great for its action, drama, and story-telling. I never get tired of watching this movie, neither should your date. Make sure you have a large popcorn for this thriller!

Human Centipede 3: Like I said in the previous comment. I believe every dating process should encapsulate this film. Crazy in love or not, this film will have you and your date wanting to see each other more! Is this movie necessary? Yes!!!!!!!

Moonlight: This one came out last year, and I believed it to be quite a bit overrated. However, if I went on a date, this movie is what I would take her to go see. This movie has its own reasons why it’s romantic. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just go see it again.

Lincoln: This movie has the most action I’ve ever seen to be in a film! The acting was sub-par, but I think you and your date would love to snuggle up with this story line.

Robin Hood: Russel Crowe’s performance in any movie except Gladiator, The Nice Guys, and probably some others are tremendous. I loved his performance in “Lame Is.” This one doesn’t feel that long of a movie. I’m sure you and your date will be thrilled to see this one.

Haywire: Let me tell you this. I just bought this movie on bluray because I had not seen it. This movie was fantastic. The only thing missing was a date sitting next to me watching it with me. This movie feels like a minute long. The direction and screenplay was fantastic. This is a masterpiece. Next time your sitting on the couch at home with your loved one, pop this one in the DVD player.

Clash of the Titans: There’s not an actor as well polished as Sam Worthington. He makes this movie awesome! If you and your date are in the mood to see a high-ceiling thriller, see this one.

The Fog: Every girl craves Tom Welling, so why not take her to see this one?

2001: A Space Odyssey: This movie is so much fun from what I’ve been told. I have yet to see this movie. I’ve heard its bad, but a really fun movie.

The Happening: This movie is legit. M. Night Shamalan got this one right. Mark Whalberg is a stellar actor! Take your girl to see this!

Gettysburg: This is one of those films that should be at the top of every date list. This movie as racial unity. Great performances. An inspiring story. You and your date would be put in the mood to do much more after the film. See this fantastic film.