My 3 reasons you should forget about to-do-lists

1- To-dos are not ‘Goals’

I’m always amazed when I see people starting a to-do list when kicking off a new year’s resolution.That’s not the way to do it because it’s very unlikely that what you’ve been writing on that list will provide you with a Goal. Goals are the big picture, the long-terms achievements. The bonus, the meat, the icing on the cake, the cake under the icing! “Saving money” or “Be more productive” are no goals! They’re merely means or tools to accomplish things but they forget the big question: Why? “Why do you want to save money?”. “Why do you want to be more productive?”. Dig on your those and you’ll find your goals!

2- To-dos are limiting.

Lists will keep your focus on a piece of paper and will limit your brain to a poorly constructed form of data. If any, you should have a mind map list. Learn more about how to draw mind maps on that WiKi How page.

3- To-dos are deceptive.

Finally, lists create a false sense of advancement. before your start ticking off those points, you’ll feel like you haven’t accomplished anything at all and once they’re all ticked, you’ll feel like ‘the job’s done’. Well guess what, the job’s never done and you’ll need to continuously advance in order to make progress, regardless of the field you’re in.

To crush your creativity, productive and sense of achievements, draft mind map of your goals that you will constantly redraw and reshape with refined outcomes.
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