What’s holding your company back?

Companies are still not taking full advantage of their most valuable assets — their employee’s knowledge, creativity, and time. Failing to do so is as damaging to the bottom line as it is to company morale.

Over the past few months, our team has spent time researching trends, interviewing experts, and surveying hundreds of executives, managers, and employees across the entire workforce around the biggest issues they deal with on a daily basis. Here’s what we learned:

The 3 Modern Organizational Challenges

Everybody is in the Dark

Activity pace is increasing, ever more decisions need to be made, and with more people to manage across cultures and time-zones, managers struggle to keep teams aligned and motivated. With not much support and training, managers lack a true insight into their organization. From team motivation to confidence in product quality, managers are in the dark.

Employees Need to be Heard

Employees know a lot about the inner workings of the company. And they (particularly millennials) are just itching to contribute. They have a lot to say, but no platform to suggest, discuss, and evaluate improvements.

Time’s a-Wastin’

From yearly performance reviews to runaway meetings and wild-west hiring, companies have done a terrible job eliminating old and inefficient processes and spreading effective best-practices. Not only is this costly, it also prevents companies from attracting and retaining top talent.

Next steps

Over the next few posts in this series we will discuss each of this issues in more depth and share our perspective for an appropriate solution.


This post is part 1 of a multi-part series: ‘Discussing Modern Organizational Challenges and Potential Solutions’.

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