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This week, I quit Twitter.

I had an 11-year old, verified account with over 30,000 followers, I’ve been to the Twitter offices twice, once when they were a 30-people company for a meeting with Ev Williams.

Last week was the last straw. Their hostile stance towards their early users is breathtaking in just how openly they try to fuck us over.

Instead of properly fighting their harrassment problem, they’re openly siding with Nazis, conspiracy theorists and anyone else really who brings them “engagement”.

Instead of widening the options for access, despite their dwindling user numbers, they axe access for third party clients. …

As I’m sitting down here on a NeXT computer (in honor of the machine the web was born on!) to write this—I admit, yes, computers are faster now. But the basics haven’t changed.

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My NeXTstation color, yes that’s this article being edited

There’s still a bunch of companies trying to make things incompatible and pushing proprietary stuff on us (hi, AMP!).

You still need to test in every browser, though it’s been easier than it used to be, as there’s fewer bugs and decent debugging tools.

People still try to fix the perceived shortcomings of the client/server model by trying to make the client do everything.

Hello Java! Hello Flash! Hello Ext.js! Hello Angular! Hello React!

These are words you should never write in a support email. Why? Because it’s dishonest and reeks of A/B-optimized corporate technobabble.

It’s a lot like saying “my thoughts and prayers are with you” to people that you don’t know that are victims of crimes that have nothing to do with you.

You feel like you need to say something, so you say the acceptable middle-of-the-road default.

This is wrong, and you’re wrong for doing it. You’re saying these things to make yourself feel better; not to actually express genuine support for those you’re addressing.

Reverse these situations for a moment and switch the…


Thomas Fuchs

I make and run web apps: and I made Zepto.js and and am a Ruby on Rails core alumni. Started web dev in '94.

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