The Top Special Effects Equipment to Have at Your Disposal

If you are looking for professional special effects equipment to add to your arsenal, you might want to take a look at the list below, as we detail some of the best products available.

Wind machines

When filming almost any type of production, a wind machine is often a crucial piece of your special effects equipment. For filming a wind-dependent scene, it’s extremely difficult to rely on the natural weather to provide the right conditions. Consequently, the wind machine becomes an indispensable piece of equipment to have at your disposal.

In helping to create a breezy or stormy environment by simulating wind at the precise moment required, you can recreate any type of windy situation you desire. As a result, it’s one of the most useful pieces of equipment to add realism to a scene, while also reducing the production time for that particular shot.

There are a number of wind machines, catering to different required strength levels, allowing you to simulate even the most extreme wind at the drop of a hat.

Fog machines

Having the right conditions for natural fog can be even trickier than wind, which is why fog machines are another great item to have in your special effects equipment set.
These often work by using specialized fog fluid, which is then transformed in the machine to pump out the simulated fog. Being almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing, fog machines are great at creating an atmospheric or haunting setting.

Snow machines

One of the most common pieces of special effects equipment you’ll find in any expert’s arsenal is a reliable snow machine.
While fake snow can be bought ready to use ina number of different styles, there is no substitute for being able to create your own. Using snow fluids pumped into the machine, it creates incredibly lifelike and realistic snow, perfect for setting the right wintry setting for your production.

Renting special effects equipment

For those who don’t possess their own set of special effects equipment, the next best step is to rent it from a specialized company.
Using the right professional equipment, your production is able to look as aesthetically-pleasing as possible, while maintaining a realistic and lifelike visual representation.

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