Hi. I’ve read your article about your switch to the icloud library instead of the Lightroom hell.

It does grow ever bigger, in deed. And it will most likely do so with ever faster speed, especially if we get better RAW support on iOS. I think that Apple should make iCloud storage free and unlimited with every iOS device. (If they had done so already, what a great selling proposition for an iPhone over an Android that would have been.) Unfortunately, that is not the case, yet. It’s a painful problem for anyone that takes photography and iOS seriously, especially if you have a large back catalog of image files. It’s a shame that you are limited to traditional computers and external drives these days if you are somewhat more than a casual photographer. (In principal, iOS is so much better at photos than a computer.)

However, I have repeatedly encountered the notion that iCloud Photo Library chokes on libraries once they cross a certain size (I have had people tell me this size is supposed to be around 20000 pictures). I cannot confirm this. For my part, iCloud has been pretty solid. (I am on the 1TB plan.)

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