Convert Remote Working into a Marketing Tool with Facebook Live Broadcast

Facebook Live: How we turned our remote team into a marketing tool

Thomas Gerbrands
Mar 17 · 8 min read

Hello there. This is a little article that will show you how we at CME turned our remote working environment into a great and effective marketing tool on Facebook with some simple free tools that are available to every remotely working team.

To fully understand what we did and why we did it, you have to understand that CME is a company that has been working remotely for a few years now.

With team members located in China, Singapore, France, Taiwan, The Netherlands and a couple of other places in the world, CME is a Creative Music Engineering company, which goal is to make artists and musicians life easier with smart solutions. Both hardware products as well as software services. Feel free to do your research here!

WIDI Master and C2M Business Models

Connect Your MIDI Hardware. Without Computers. Without Cables. With Bluetooth MIDI

WIDI Master is a new product from us that is still under development. After launching our Xkey Air (2015) and WIDI BUD (2016) we received many requests from our community for advanced wireless MIDI connectivity.

As my intention is to inform you about the process of development, I do not want to bother you will all the geeky technological details about our solutions. Although I’d love to…

Today I want to focus on how we implemented our remote working culture into a tool to build trust and authority with an honest and transparent story.

And how we implemented live broadcasting — as you know from remote working — into a free tool to connect with our community.

Therefore it is important to understand that we use a C2M strategy and community participation to build better products, limit waste and adjust our solutions to actual requests from our community.

Concerning WIDI Master this means that we starting expanding our technology upon request from our users. To be sure we where on the right track we decided to launch an early concept of our WIDI Master and ask our community to register. This way we ensured that the demand from the market was actually there.

After we received 1,000 registrants we moved a step forward. Within 2 months of online ads and SEO blogs we received over 5,000 registrations. That meant for us that our solution is valid.

During these small promotional activities we started interacting with potential customers. This provided useful information for us to strengthen and adjust our design. Please note that we are able to adjust our design along the way because we are in such an early stage of development.

Feel free to read that story in one of our blogs here!

Registration is not purchasing. How do we convert our audience?

Final Design of WIDI Master: MIDI over Bluetooth adapter

Now the challenge arrives. We already brought our idea to the market. Now it is time to convert those registrations into customers. At this point we still do not have a final product.

The question we’d like to answer is how can we offer a product without having the final version while keeping our honest and transparent story?

Do not get me wrong. We do want to sell our product. But we surely do not want to disappoint our customers. We consider a close connection. based on authority and trust, with our community of the highest value.

Due to the coronavirus we already had to move the production of our prototypes from China to France. And now, with the corona situation in Europe, it is obliged to move back. This is a challenge we encountered and handled with care to ensure the progress of development.

With our lack of sophisticated marketing material, artist videos and the ability to offer real reviews by influencers and journalists, we decided to take our real story and status of development into a live broadcast on Facebook.

What did we do?

Screenshot of

We used Facebook Live and to connect with our community live on Facebook. The first step was to send out an email to our mailinglist of 5,000 people. We invited our CEO Zhao Yitian (China) and CTO Jerome Dumas (France) and myself as moderator.

As you do in Skype or Zoom with your team, we used some simple slides from Google Slides to add some meaning and visuals to our discussion.

What we actually did is bend this remote team meeting into a live broadcast. It is not rocket science. It does take some courage. As non of us ever did this before. And suddenly we are out in the open. But, as we all know, we have to operate outside of our comfort zone to progress.

That said, we simply made the announcement, gathered our internal specialists and went live using a trail version of A tool we are now surely considering to apply for with a monthly subscription.

What went wrong?

Switch to Mobile Camera due to Unforeseen Circumstances!

Of course we took a day to prepare the content and the structure of our broadcast. We owe that to our community. We needed to offer them a full story they’d understand.

We also decided to show our prototypes and prepared the simplest demonstration we could think of. This is all we can offer to our public now.

Unfortunately 30 minutes before going live we had a complete power failure in France. Therefore our CTO had to switch to mobile instead of desktop and we where unable to show the working prototypes. At least, that as what we thought.

As we invited our community already, we decided to go live anyway and go ahead with the informative Q&A with our internal experts. We believed that this content would deliver sufficient value to our viewers.

As we requested our community to provide questions upfront, I was able to create a hotlist of questions our CTO and CEO should answer. We were also able to add some visuals to make it easier to digest.

Invitation Newsletter with Add To Calendar by Eventable

What are the results?

During the live broadcast we opened up our new webshop. We added a coupon code [WIDIM2020] for $30 discount if people order before upcoming Sunday.

During the broadcast we went in depth concerning the technical details and the previously mentioned “crowd created project” and C2M strategy.

We felt this provided a true story. An opportunity for our community to fully grasp the idea of product development. A way to build trust and show our expertise in the field of Bluetooth MIDI.

First and foremost this live broadcast provided the opportunity to show real people making real things. Adding the mistakes we make as humans just made it more real for us. We simply said during the show that if you do not trust it, just do not buy it.

Everybody can wait until we do have the marketing material available that you are used to have and make your personal purchasing decision.

Our goal was to filter the real enthusiast. That part of the community that really supports us. Our ideal client. For the people who are looking for a bargain — we love them as well- we simply offered to wait and secured the same discount. So, there was no actual time limitation push from our side.

Results after 12 hours on Facebook!

During the live broadcast, that we shared on our Facebook Page and Group, we had 45 people watching live and after 12 hours (now) 1,674 organic views. And counting..

Also we received a total of 75 orders with a revenue close to $5,000.

Of course this is not sufficient for a product to survive. But looking at the current status of development we consider this successful.

Furthermore it shows us that there is a real demand. We can now invest time and energy into creating descent marketing material and are already scheduling the next broadcast.

That said, we are already receiving wholesale requests from our industry partners while writing this article.

It is time to get lucky!

As a moderator I had to improvise a lot. My idea was to stretch the time during the broadcast. This would hopefully lead to the restore of power in France. And our ability to show the working prototypes.

We got lucky. Power restored and we could do an improvised showcase of our 2nd prototype. Lucky us!

Also this time stretching provided me with the opportunity to switch from the prepared Q&A (based on previously received questions from our community) to a real time Q&A and interaction with our audience.

We had a blast and an opportunity to show our expertise in our field of work. We had the opportunity to show and tell our story in our regular meeting environment. We only added an extra flavour with the live broadcast and real time interaction with our audience.

What is next?

As said, this 1st presale and live broadcast, was focuses on locating our ideal customer. That is why we added an extra layer. As soon as a customer orders in our webshop, Mailchimp sends out an invitation to join our Music Enthusiasts Chat Group.

Screenshot of Whatsapp Enthusiasts Group

It is a simple QR code or link that customers can use to enter a Whatsapp Group. Here we can discuss the future of Bluetooth MIDI and new product ideas. This way we get even a closer connection with our ideal clientele and we can repeat the cycle as mentioned in this article.

For live broadcasting we considering next topics to be more widely focused. This means that we do not necessarily discuss our products but aim more at a broader topic to reach more people. Something like “wireless music production and performance”.

We will ask our community and Whatsapp group what they think of this and if they have topics for our next broadcast. This way we keep it real and relevant.

6 simple steps to create a live broadcast with your remote team

  1. Invite your mailinglist and ask them to send in questions
  2. Get yourself on Eventable for simple “Add to Calendar” options
  3. Get yourself a account
  4. Announce your broadcast on your Facebook Page and Group
  5. Add value (team experts) and visuals (Google Slide)
  6. Share your honest story with real people and let the people decide!

To end this article, which turned out to be a long one due to my personal excitement about the results, I hereby share with you the 50 minutes broadcast.

Which lead me to say one more thing. It is a bit complex to give you easy access to Facebook Video content here on Medium. Therefore I provide you with a link and a YouTube upload I was forced to do!

That is the way it goes! Learn by doing!

Facebook Link:

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